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Read Article Midway Millennials - Powers Great American Midways
Dean Corl: Powers Office Manager Wears Many Hats
By Timothy Herrick on 7/27/2016
Read Article State Fair Meadowlands: Last Minute Marketing Makes New Jersey Great Again

By Timothy Herrick on 7/25/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
James Dillman III - owner and operator of the Haunted House dark ride
By Mary Weber on 7/21/2016
Read Article Del Mar Fairgoers Go Mad Over Longer Fair
Breaking San Diego County Fair Attendance Records
By Timothy Herrick on 7/18/2016
Read Article Nevada State Fair: Revived & Well in Carson City
Brass Ring Amusements provides the midway
By Timothy Herrick on 7/15/2016
Read Article D&J Amusements Resurges into Chicago Carnival Market

By Don Muret on 7/13/2016
Read Article Vermelon Amusements Tests Huge Arcade Games On U.S. Midways

By Timothy Herrick on 7/11/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
Mike Bray: Technical Supervisor Fell in Love with Carnival Business
By Timothy Herrick on 7/6/2016
Read Article Weather Hinders Calaveras County Fair, But Midway Spending Up
California Carnival Company debuts new KMG Tango
By Timothy Herrick on 7/1/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials - Mr. Ed's Magical Midways
Mariah Weiland-Duchow: Communication & H-2B Issues Critical for Carnival Company
By Timothy Herrick on 6/29/2016
Read Article Strong Close Helps Dampened Dixon May Fair
Butler Amusements reports strong pre-sale numbers
By Timothy Herrick on 6/27/2016
Read Article Santa Barbara: Attendance Uptick, Pirates & Butler Amusements Extension

By Timothy Herrick on 6/22/2016
Read Article Citing Unauthorized Raises, Wisconsin State Fair Board Fires Director

By Timothy Herrick on 6/20/2016
Read Article New Management Company Brings Local Energy & Expanded Entertainment to Ostrich Festival

By Timothy Herrick on 6/17/2016
Read Article Smokey's Greater Shows Hires Industry Veteran As New General Manager

By Don Muret on 6/15/2016
Read Article Horry County/Myrtle Beach Speedway: Strates Partnership Helps Launch New S.C. Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 6/13/2016
Read Article Improved Economy & Proven Formula Helps Fight Rainy Opening At Clark County
Brown's Amusements debuts new Freak Out
By Timothy Herrick on 6/10/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
Unit 1: Spectrum Entertainments Millennial Midway
By Timothy Herrick on 6/8/2016
Read Article Comprehensive Smoking Ban Makes Alaska Latest Smoke Free Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 6/6/2016
Read Article Innovation at Battech Enterprises LLC.
Company to introduce trailer mounted Spider
By Victoria Macoul on 6/3/2016
Read Article Outreach to Diverse Families Boosts Pima County Fair
RCS Midway revenue up 2.6%
By Timothy Herrick on 5/27/2016
Read Article Amusements of America to book 15 rides with NAME at the South Carolina State Fair

By Don Muret on 5/25/2016
Read Article Strates & Erie County To Celebrate First Centennial Midway Partnership in Industry

By Timothy Herrick on 5/23/2016
Read Article Iowa Issues RFP Announcement to Create Independent Midway
Midway to go independent for 2017 fair
By Timothy Herrick on 5/20/2016
Read Article Amusements of America in the National Spotlight
Joe Vivona appears on The Voice; Concessionaire Mel Melton appears on Carnival Eats
By Don Muret on 5/18/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
Tiffany Janas: 3rd Generation Woker Leads B. Original Foods
By Timothy Herrick on 5/16/2016
Read Article Miami-Dade Fair Adds Weekend For 'Celebrating 65 Years of Smiles'

By Timothy Herrick on 5/13/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
Joshua Woods: Chairing a Fair by Millennials, For Millennial Parents
By Timothy Herrick on 5/11/2016
Read Article Big Rock Amusements adds new Mulligan Wheel for 2016 season
Show brings on new game operators
By Don Muret on 5/9/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
Benna Sandlofer: From Horseback to Midway Management
By Timothy Herrick on 5/4/2016
Read Article Washington Spring Fair Becomes A Fair Of Its Own
Funtastic Shows reports a strong start to their 2016 season
By Timothy Herrick on 5/2/2016
Read Article Erie County Fair Signs 10 Year Contract with the Strates Shows

By Marty Biniasz / Press Release on 4/29/2016
Read Article NAME's Giant Wheel featured in Chicago's NFL Draft Town this week

By Don Muret on 4/27/2016
Read Article County Fair With State Fair Quality: Another Record Year for Maricopa County Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 4/25/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials
Andrew Schoendienst Jr.: Building on Family By Bringing New Voices Into Industry
By Timothy Herrick on 4/22/2016
Read Article Rainier Amusements Goes Funcard: Ticketless Midways Becoming a Trend

By Timothy Herrick on 4/20/2016
Read Article Florida Strawberry Fest Reaps Benefits From Weather, Entertainment, Marketing and Economy

By Timothy Herrick on 4/18/2016
Read Article Adding Weekend, Switching Ground Acts & LGBT NIGHT Boost Central Florida Fair 20 Percent

By Timothy Herrick on 4/15/2016
Read Article Inclement weather hampers start of Arnold Amusements' 2016 season
Show adds Wave Swinger and Zero Gravity for 2016
By Chasity Edwards on 4/13/2016
Read Article Salary Controversy Forces L.A. County Fair CEO to Resign Earlier than Expected

By Timothy Herrick on 4/11/2016
Read Article Houston Rodeo: Spending Uptick Despite Spending Dip
RCS Midway revenue up 7%
By Timothy Herrick on 4/8/2016
Read Article State-of-the-Industry Interview: Larry Yaffee/ Firestone Financial:
Fairs & Mobile Amusements Considered Stable Industry
By Timothy Herrick on 4/6/2016
Read Article In Their Own Words: Ross Owen

By Ron Weber on 4/4/2016
Read Article Florida State Fair Surges After Rainy Opening

By Timothy Herrick on 4/1/2016
Read Article Pride Amusements kicks off 2016 season in Oklahoma
Show adds Owens Dark Ride & ARM Screamer for 2016
By Don Muret on 3/30/2016
Read Article South Florida Fair Survives Massive Rain, Attendance Decline & H-2B Shortfall

By Timothy Herrick on 3/28/2016
Read Article Midway Millennials - Dreamland Amusements
Jaclyn Destefano: Teacher and Unit Manager
By Chasity Edwards on 3/25/2016
Read Article Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment kicks off 2nd season
Show adds a Sky Diver to its ride lineup
By Don Muret on 3/23/2016
Read Article New Showmen's League President: The Industry Needs New Blood
Exclusive interview with Ron Porter
By Timothy Herrick on 3/21/2016
Read Article Attendance Up, Spending Down at Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
Talley Amusements fields 48 rides on the midway
By Timothy Herrick on 3/18/2016
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