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Read Article Drought, Fire & Heat Unable To Stop Cali's Blue Ribbon Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 8/18/2014
Read Article Ray Cammack Shows adds five new rides for 2014

By Don Muret on 8/13/2014
Read Article CEO Injects New Action into Alameda County Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 8/11/2014
Read Article Perfect weather graces Illinois' Kane County Fair

By Linda McNatt on 8/8/2014
More information on Wade Shows plans for the midway
By Timothy Herrick on 8/6/2014
Read Article Doubling Down On Opening Day Price Promotions Pays Off For State Fair Meadowlands

By Timothy Herrick on 8/4/2014
Read Article Attendance down at 2014 National Orange Show

By Linda McNatt on 8/1/2014
Read Article Salem Fair: Virginia's Largest Fair
Deggeller Attractions midway up 15% in 2014
By Linda Van Slyke on 7/30/2014
Read Article Florida State Fair Authority Awards Midway Management Partner Contract to Wade Shows

By FSF Press Release on 7/29/2014
Read Article Let It Be: San Diego's Fab Fair Gets Back to Beatlemania

By Timothy Herrick on 7/28/2014
Read Article Fairbanks Fair Wars: Golden Wheel Amusements Summer Spectacular competes with Tanana Valley State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 7/25/2014
Read Article Overview of the games seminars from 2013 IAAPA Attractions Expo
Industry trends & ideas to keep your games fresh & increase revenue
By John Walczak, Jr. on 7/23/2014
Read Article 2014 Fair Trends: Northeast Fairs Show Increase in Price Promotions and Social Media Marketing

By Timothy Herrick on 7/21/2014
Read Article Ohio's Pickaway County Fair relies on local entertainment to draw crowds

By Linda McNatt on 7/18/2014
Read Article NJ Valley Amusements Provides Park's First Midway for 4th

By Timothy Herrick on 7/16/2014
Read Article Venue Executive to Helm Mississippi State Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 7/14/2014
Read Article Business Up at Drought-Stricken Merced County Fair

By Timothy Herrick on 7/11/2014
Read Article Skinner's Amusements reports good start to 2014 season
Show adds new Cliff Hanger & automatic ticket machines
By Don Muret on 7/9/2014
Read Article Pima County Fair: Celebrating diversity

By Linda Van Slyke on 7/4/2014
Read Article California's Glenn County Fair attendance up 12% over 2013

By Linda McNatt on 6/30/2014
Read Article Florida State Fair Accepts Midway RFPs: One Of Largest U.S. Independent Midways to Consider Losing Its Independence

By Timothy Herrick on 6/27/2014
Read Article Tucker's Dixieland Carnival: Good start to 2014 when its dry
Show playing nine new dates acquired from Myers International Midways
By Don Muret on 6/25/2014
Read Article Clay County Fair up 6.49% over 2013
Deggeller Attractions provides 40+ rides
By Linda McNatt on 6/23/2014
Read Article Santa Barbara Fair and Exposition: 25 magical years

By Linda Van Slyke on 6/20/2014
Read Article Cancelled Contracts Reveal Vermont Fair Woes

By Timothy Herrick on 6/18/2014
Read Article Salinas Valley Fair: Heritage abounds

By Linda Van Slyke on 6/13/2014
Read Article Kentucky Derby Festival: Midway Enhances Tradition
Cox Concessions introduces Spudz Stuffed Hash Browns
By Timothy Herrick on 6/11/2014
Read Article South Texas Fair Strong Despite Attendance Dip
Carnival Americana features 50 rides
By Timothy Herrick on 6/9/2014
Read Article Attendance up at Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jumping Jubilee
California Carnival Company on the midway
By Linda McNatt on 6/6/2014
Read Article Skerbeck Carnival excels with online advance sale ticketing
Show adds Larson Fire Ball
By Don Muret on 6/4/2014
Read Article 2014 Fiesta San Antonio: Becoming the Texas Mardi Gras

By Timothy Herrick on 6/2/2014
Read Article Drought Threatens 2014 California Fair Season

By Timothy Herrick on 5/30/2014
Read Article Yuma County Fair reports 2% increase in attendance; midway up 2%

By Linda McNatt on 5/28/2014
Read Article Jeff Pugh, A Leader In Amusement Industry Innovation, passes

By Timothy Herrick on 5/23/2014
Read Article Amusements of America plays Peru; show adds four new dates in US
Show adds new Street Fighter for second unit
By Don Muret on 5/21/2014
Read Article Fairgrounds Operations Causes Idaho Fair Feud; County Suspends Board For Audit

By Timothy Herrick on 5/19/2014
Read Article Great weather & new rides make 2014 Sumter County Fair a success

By Linda McNatt on 5/16/2014

By Timothy Herrick on 5/14/2014

By Timothy Herrick on 5/12/2014
Read Article Rodeo Austin: Rain Fails to Dampen Texas Spirit

By Timothy Herrick on 5/9/2014
Read Article Kevin Exum's Happy World Shows expands route into Illinois & Wisconsin

By Don Muret on 5/7/2014
Read Article New Texas State Fair President to Stress Texan Pride in 2014

By Timothy Herrick on 5/5/2014
Read Article Citrus County Fair has good run

By Linda McNatt on 5/2/2014
Read Article Maricopa County Fair: Deep-fried excitement

By Linda Van Slyke on 4/30/2014
Read Article Attendance up at Florida's Collier County Fair

By Linda McNatt on 4/28/2014
Read Article State Agency Transfers Oregon State Fair to Public Corporation

By Timothy Herrick on 4/25/2014
Read Article Alaska Market Share Shift: Canadian Company Signs Several Golden Wheel Fairs

By Timothy Herrick on 4/23/2014
Read Article Gold Star Amusements: a family affair
Show off to a good start for 2014
By Don Muret on 4/21/2014
Read Article Central Floria Fair stands out in competitive marketplace

By Linda McNatt on 4/18/2014
Read Article At 10 Years, N.A.M.E. Succeeds with Basics

By Timothy Herrick on 4/16/2014
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