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Read Article IISF Trade Show -Wednesday Highlights
Amusements of America plays Peru; AIR offering amusement ride insurance
By Ron Weber on 2/5/2014
Read Article IISF Trade Show - Tuesday Highlights
Plenty of equipment on display; new green products from Berk Ent.
By Ron Weber on 2/4/2014
Read Article Gibtown Showmen Gear Up 2014 Trade Show

By Timothy Herrick on 2/3/2014
Read Article North Pole Productions turns into year round business
Company works with carnivals to produce winter festivals
By Linda McNatt on 1/31/2014
Read Article Construction themed theme-park opening in NJ soon

By Linda McNatt on 1/29/2014
Read Article Dixieland Carnival adds events and equipment
Show takes on 9 events played by Myers International Midways
By Linda McNatt on 1/24/2014
Read Article Ray Pilszak, Amusement Business executive & Clarence "Coachie" Kasin, Kasin Concessions, pass away this week

By Don Muret on 1/23/2014
Read Article Vortex accident had negative impact on NC State Fair attendance
Fair has successful concert series
By Timothy Herrick on 1/22/2014
Read Article Belle City Amusements celebrates its 66th year on the road

By Linda McNatt on 1/20/2014
Read Article Mississippi State Fair: Pride of the Deep South

By Linda Van Slyke on 1/17/2014
Read Article Arizona State Fair Boosts Attendance with New Marketing Strategies

By Timothy Herrick on 1/15/2014
Read Article Owen Trailers, Inc.: Putting the maze in amazing

By Linda Van Slyke on 1/13/2014

By Timothy Herrick on 1/8/2014
Read Article Miller Spectacular Shows expands route into Kentucky

By Don Muret on 1/6/2014
Read Article Greater Jacksonville Fair celebrates 58th year
Fair has success with advance sale ticketing
By Linda McNatt on 1/3/2014
Read Article National Peanut Festival reports good year

By Linda McNatt on 12/30/2013
Read Article Kentucky's Taylor County Fair signs Miller Spectacular Shows
Miller to replace Myers as midway provider
By TCF Press Release on 12/23/2013
Read Article Alpine Amusements grows route; takes delivery of Freak Out

By Don Muret on 12/20/2013
Read Article Pensacola Interstate Fair: Attendance Gains Continue

By Timothy Herrick on 12/18/2013
Read Article IAFE/SLA Final Day Highlights
Harlan Bast announces signing of Broward Co. Fair
By Ron Weber on 12/16/2013
Read Article IAFE / SLA Trade Show Highlights - Day 2
IAFE Hall of Fame inductees; Ward Hall exhibits for first time
By Ron Weber on 12/12/2013
Read Article IAFE / SLA Trade Show Highlights - Day 1

By Ron Weber on 12/11/2013
Read Article 2013 Top 50 Fairs Ranking Released
Top 50 fair attendance up 1% in 2013
By Ron Weber on 12/10/2013
Read Article Deggeller Attractions has solid year; show adds new rides

By Don Muret on 12/9/2013
Read Article Attendance up over 2012 at the South Carolina State Fair

By Linda McNatt on 12/6/2013
Read Article Showmens League to host annual Christmas Party this Friday

By Don Muret on 12/2/2013
Read Article East Texas State Fair thrives on repeat guests

By Linda McNatt on 11/29/2013
Read Article Big Tex Is Back Bringing Marketing Benefits

By Timothy Herrick on 11/27/2013
Read Article IAAPA Expo - Friday Highlights
ARM reveals new Frenzy; American Changer discusses new cashless system
By Matt Cook on 11/25/2013
Read Article IAAPA Expo - Thursday highlights
New games from Bobs Space Racers; new LED module from
By Matt Cook on 11/22/2013
Read Article IAAPA Expo - Wednesday Highlights
Drew Expo purchases ARM Vertigo
By Matt Cook on 11/21/2013
Read Article 2013 IAAPA Expo kicks off in Orlando
Rides 4-U sells three Compact Spinning Coasters
By Matt Cook on 11/20/2013
Read Article Ride & gate revenue up at the Tulsa State Fair
New, unique foods lead to increase in concession sales
By Linda McNatt on 11/18/2013
Read Article Wade Shows reports 52% increase in ride gross at Nebraska State Fair

By Don Muret on 11/15/2013
Read Article Dixie Classic Fair reports increase in attendance & ride gross for 2013

By Linda McNatt on 11/13/2013
Read Article Topsfield Fair: The pumpkin that ate Massachusetts

By Linda Van Slyke on 11/11/2013
Read Article The Big E: New Marketing Renews Fair Traditions

By Timothy Herrick on 11/6/2013
Read Article Attendance down 2% over 2012 at the LA County Fair

By Laryssa Wirstuik on 11/4/2013
Read Article Tennessee Valley Fair: Surprise after surprise

By Linda Van Slyke on 11/1/2013
Read Article The Georgia National Fair Succeeds Despite Storm Threat and Govt. Shutdown

By Timothy Herrick on 10/30/2013
Read Article NAME reports a banner year for 2013
Show up 7% at the Big E over 2012
By Don Muret on 10/28/2013
Read Article State Fair of Virginia: Where history and agriculture meet

By Linda Van Slyke on 10/25/2013
Read Article Chance Rides new Free-Style debuts at LA County Fair
Company sells 50ft sea themed Carousel to Chinese park
By Linda McNatt on 10/23/2013
Read Article In Spite of Weather Challengers, Century Old Kansas State Fair has solid year

By Timothy Herrick on 10/21/2013
Read Article Santa Cruz county fair relies on volunteers to make it happen

By Laryssa Wirstuik on 10/18/2013
Read Article Thunderstorms dampen the Great Allentown Fair

By Linda McNatt on 10/16/2013
Read Article Oklahoma State Fair attendance on par with 2012; midway sales up
Fair survives microburst and unseasonable heat
By Linda McNatt on 10/14/2013
Read Article Reithoffer Shows plans to go cashless in near future
Show stresses importance of promotions
By Don Muret on 10/11/2013
Read Article Ride revenue up despite record heat at the York Fair

By Linda McNatt on 10/9/2013
Read Article Record breaking attendance at the 2013 Clay County Fair
Gold Star Amusements sets ride gross sales record
By Linda McNatt on 10/7/2013
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