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Manufacturer Service Bulletins features manufacturer service bulletins on amusement rides issued by the specific ride manufacturers. If you are a ride manufacturer and you would like to list a bulletin on, please email

Bulletins are assorted by manufacturer.

Amtech/ Amusement Technologies INTL. TNC.
Download BulletinMandatory Safety Bulletin Musik Express
Issued on: 4/4/2001

Chance Rides Morgan
Download BulletinCentury Wheel Trailer Crack Bulletin
Issued on: 5/15/2009
Download BulletinYo Yo - Sweep Lift Cylinder Bearing Inspection and Rework
Issued on: 9/4/2008
Download BulletinZipper - Safety Instructions
Issued on: 4/8/2008
Download BulletinPharaphs Fury - Lap Bar Mounting Bolt Installation and Inspection
Issued on: 6/3/2008
Download BulletinSling Shot - Revised Operating Software
Issued on: 3/28/2008
Download BulletinSling Shot - Revised Passenger Restraint Safety Interlock System Operational Check
Issued on: 3/28/2008
Download BulletinCarrousel - Horse Step Shield
Issued on: 12/4/1994
Download BulletinGiant Gondola Wheel - Rider Restrictions
Issued on: 7/12/2007
Download BulletinCentury Wheel - Rider Restrictions
Issued on: 7/12/2007
Download BulletinChaos - Passenger Restraint Bar Locking System Inspection and Operational Check
Issued on: 10/12/2006
Download BulletinChaos - Passenger Restraint Bar Locking System Inspection and Operational Check
Issued on: 10/12/2006
Download BulletinYo Yo - Sweep Lift Cylinder Bearing Inspection
Issued on: 3/21/2006
Download BulletinChance_C.P. Huntington - Smoke Stack Heat Protection
Issued on: 12/5/2005

Dartron Industries
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Failure of the lower ear on the bearing base
Issued on: 9/13/2010
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Bearing Cracks
Issued on: 9/12/2008
Download BulletinHurricane - Car Bolt Replacement
Issued on: 8/30/2007
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Car Beds
Issued on: 1/7/2007
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Bearing Block Cracks
Issued on: 1/7/2007
Download BulletinZero Gravity - Strobe Light Covers
Issued on: 1/9/2007
Download BulletinZero Gravity - Hat Hardware
Issued on: 9/20/2006
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Spherical Bushing Retainer
Issued on: 5/16/2006
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Hanger Block Bushing and Safety Bolt Replacement
Issued on: 5/12/2006
Download BulletinZero Gravity - Upgrade Park Brake Mount
Issued on: 5/15/2006
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Annual Visual Inspection
Issued on: 4/29/2005
Download BulletinStar Trooper - Safe racking and erection
Issued on: 8/16/2004
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Bearing Base
Issued on: 5/1/2004
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Product Improvement
Issued on: 3/14/2004
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Car Hanger Stem
Issued on: 1/23/2004
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Arch Assembly
Issued on: 1/27/2004
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Hanger Stems
Issued on: 2/1/2004
Download BulletinStar Trooper - Height Requirements
Issued on: 5/1/2001
Download BulletinCliff Hanger - Flow Control Valve
Issued on: 2/20/2001
Download BulletinHurricane - Pin Retainer
Issued on: 3/26/1999
Download BulletinHurricane - Height/Signage Requirements
Issued on: 6/1/2000
Download BulletinHurricane - Lap Bar Release Shield
Issued on: 5/22/2000
Download BulletinCliff Hanger bearing base ear reinforcement
Issued on: 11/9/2010

ELI Bridge CO.
Download BulletinFarris Wheel Seats - Fatigue Stress Cracks
Issued on: 1/31/2006
Download BulletinEagle & HY5-II Wheel - Cracking of Swedge Sockets
Issued on: 4/23/2004
Download BulletinHY-5 II Wheels, Eagle/Double Eagle, and Rim Drive Ground Model Wheels - Safety Alert Bulletin
Issued on: 6/9/1999

Fabbri Amusements
Download BulletinMega Drop - Over the Shoulder Restraint Cracking
Issued on: 10/18/2006

Huss Park Attractions
Download BulletinAfterburner -NDT testing of swing arm weld area
Issued on: 8/8/2007

Larson International
Download BulletinHi-Roller and Crazy Train Portable Models - Mandatory Bolt, Nut, and Washer replacement schedule for track sections
Issued on: 8/31/2006
Download BulletinFireball & Ring of Fire - Restraint Bumper Installation
Issued on: 7/5/2006
Download BulletinRing of Fire and Fire Ball - Inertia ring positive lock
Issued on: 2/24/2003
Download BulletinRing of Fire, Crazy Train, Hi Roller, Super Loop - Lap bar padding
Issued on: 2/24/2003
Download BulletinRing of Fire, Crazy Train, HI Roller, Super Loop - Rider restrictions
Issued on: 2/24/2003
Download BulletinFire Ball - Rider restrictions
Issued on: 2/24/2003
Download BulletinRing of Fire, Fire Ball, Super Loop - Actuator inspection
Issued on: 2/24/2003
Download BulletinFire Ball and Ring of Fire - Fire Ball Restraint System
Issued on: 7/5/2006
Download BulletinHi-Roller and Crazy Train - Hi-Roller Track Bolt
Issued on: 8/31/2006

Majestic Manufacturing Inc.
Download BulletinBumper Cars - Car Speed and Seat Belts
Issued on: 1/31/2005
Download BulletinBumper Cars - Seat Belts
Issued on: 10/22/2001
Download BulletinMusik Express - Aluminum Track Service
Issued on: 8/30/2001
Download BulletinMusik Express - Tub Bracket Assembly
Issued on: 6/27/2000

Max Flight Corporation
Download BulletinMax Flight - Shoulder Harness Upgrade
Issued on: 11/29/2004
Download BulletinMaxFlight - Safety Bulletin
Issued on: 4/13/2000
Download BulletinMax Flight - Counterweight add on Plate
Issued on: 2/16/2000
Download BulletinMax Flight - Service Bulletin
Issued on: 9/1/2000

Moser Rides S.R.L.
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Wire Rope Improvement
Issued on: 9/30/2006
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Safety Restraint System
Issued on: 10/6/2006
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Harness Ratchets
Issued on: 9/1/2005
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Harness Device Maintenance
Issued on: 12/22/2005
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Harness Test Procedures
Issued on: 12/22/2005
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Harness Limit Switch Maintenance
Issued on: 12/22/1005
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Harness Ratchet and Springs
Issued on: 10/10/2005
Download BulletinSpring Ride - Hair Guard
Issued on: 9/1/2005

S&S Power, Inc.
Download BulletinFrog Hopper and Rodeo Rider - Required Periodic Maintenance
Issued on: 1/4/2001
Download BulletinSpace Shots, Turbo Drops, Double Shots, Turbo Drop/Space Shot Combinations - Wire Rope Maintenance
Issued on: 10/28/2002
Download BulletinSpace Shots, Turbo Drops, Double Shots, Turbo Drop/Space Shot Combinations - New Shear Pin
Issued on: 10/28/2002
Download BulletinTurbo Drop and Turbo drop/Space shot - Ride Safety Alert
Issued on: 3/22/2002

SkyCoaster Inc.
Download BulletinSkycoaster - Inspection of Latticw A-frame and Lattice Aech
Issued on: 10/5/2004
Download BulletinSkycoaster - Inspection and Maintenance of Flight Bracket Catwalk and Support
Issued on: 5/28/2004

Visa International
Wisdom Industries LTD.
Download BulletinAvalanche - Hydraulic Drive System Repair
Issued on: 2/23/2009
Download BulletinAvalanche - Interlock
Issued on: 2/23/2009
Download BulletinSizzler - Seat Belt Installation
Issued on: 8/1/2007
Download BulletinTornado - Spindle Sleeves
Issued on: 1/6/2007
Download BulletinTornado - Cylinder Hinge Pins
Issued on: 2/7/2006
Download BulletinSizzler - Lap Bar Modification
Issued on: 2/6/2006
Download BulletinLaser Ship - Sweep Inspection Procedure
Issued on: 11/1/2005
Download BulletinSizzler - Foottub Bolt On Plate Assembly
Issued on: 3/7/2005
Download BulletinSizzler - Safety Alert
Issued on: 2/23/2005
Download BulletinSizzler - Gravitron/Starship
Issued on: 2/11/2004
Download BulletinSizzler - Safety Issues
Issued on: 10/18/2004
Download BulletinGravitron/Starship - Updated Inspection Procedure
Issued on: 6/1/2004
Download BulletinGravitron - Updated Inspection Procedure
Issued on: 6/1/2004
Download BulletinGravitron and Starship - Immediate Inspection Procedure
Issued on: 4/12/2004
Download BulletinGravitron and Starship - Inspection/ Assembly/ Operation Procedure
Issued on: 4/12/2004
Download BulletinAdult Coaster - Wheel Boogie
Issued on: 2/25/2004
Download BulletinTornado - Main Seat Pipe Wear
Issued on: 2/24/2004
Download BulletinTornado/Whirlwind/Space Sled - Main Bearing Attachment bolts
Issued on: 3/31/2003
Download BulletinTornado - Main Seat Pipe Wear
Issued on: 2/24/2004
Download BulletinSilver Streak/ Family Himalaya - Sweep Inspection
Issued on: 4/22/2002

Zamperla INC.
Download BulletinJump Around - Arm-Pin Connection
Issued on: 1/1/2009
Download BulletinZamperla - Additional Maintenance Required
Issued on: 6/23/2008
Download BulletinCrazy Bus Family- Drive Motor Brake Inspection
Issued on: 7/10/2008
Download BulletinEl Paso Train - Guarding to be Added
Issued on: 11/9/2006
Download BulletinLolli Swing - Sweep Arm Cracks
Issued on: 9/17/2001
Download BulletinMini Tea Cup - Service Bulletin
Issued on: 10/9/2000

Download BulletinWave Swinger - Maintenance Information
Issued on: 10/27/2005
Download BulletinWave Swinger - Maintenance Directions
Issued on: 7/8/2003

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