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Four Questions with Industry Pioneers

In our efforts to chronicle the history of our industry, we could think of no better way to further this endeavor than to interview industry pioneers and preserve their videos for posterity. We have seen all too many industry veterans passing away these past several years without a chronicle of their past and we would like to capture as many memories as possible, especially from these pioneers in their own words.

We decided to ask each participant four questions:

1) How did you get into the business?
2) What is your greatest accomplishment?
3) What has been your biggest challenge?
4) How has the industry changed since you began your career?

The answers so far have been interesting and amusing, they open a window into the history of the business, where we have come from and where we might be going in the eyes of those who have been there.

Over the coming months and years, we will be interviewing more people, in both the fair and carnival industries and adding them to our pages. If you have suggestions about who we should interview or if you can put us in touch with an industry pioneer who would be willing to be interviewed by us, please email us with the information.

Read Article In Their Own Words: Frank Zaitshik

By Ron Weber on 5/13/2015
Read Article In Their Own Words: Billy Clark
Owner of Smokey Mountain Amusements talks about his history in the business
By Ron Weber on 6/28/2013
Read Article In Their Own Words: Ward Hall

By Ron Weber on 6/19/2013
Read Article In Their Own Words: Jimmy Strates

By Ron Weber on 11/28/2012
Read Article In their own words: Sam Johnston

By Ron Weber on 8/9/2012
Read Article In their own words: Bob Cassata
Four questions with an industry pioneer, Bob Cassata of Bob's Space Racers
By Ron Weber on 7/11/2012
Read Article In their own words: Ray Schantz

By Ron Weber on 5/5/2012
Read Article In their own words: Ivan Arnold
Four questions with an industry pioneer, Ivan Arnold of Arnolds Amusements
By Ron Weber on 4/3/2012
Read Article In their own words: Claire Morton
Four questions with an industry pioneer, Claire Morton, of Golden Wheel Amusements
By Ron Weber on 2/19/2012
Read Article 4 Questions with Industry Pioneers
A video interview with Bingo Hauser, West Coast Amusements
By Ron Weber on 2/3/2012
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