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News Links from Around the Web

County Fair Board moves closer to independence - Posted on 3/17/2015

Illinois tightens county fair budgets - Posted on 3/17/2015

Crash & Bash Demolition Derby smashes the Collier County Fair (FL)  - Posted on 3/17/2015

Miami-Dade Mayor Meets With FIU & Youth Fair Presidents - Posted on 3/17/2015

A state fair movement, born in small racing communities, picks up speed - Posted on 3/17/2015

Young girls to learn science behind amusement park rides - Posted on 3/17/2015

 - Posted on 3/17/2015

Not just funnel cakes: Miami-Dade Fair puts modern spin on carnival tradition (FL)  - Posted on 3/16/2015

Illinois county fairs must get by with less state money - Posted on 3/16/2015

Sarasota County Fair and its impact on the community (FL)  - Posted on 3/16/2015

Return of Horry County Fair faces obstacles (SC)  - Posted on 3/16/2015

Roller coaster malfunction traps 14 at Australian amusement park  - Posted on 3/16/2015

Firefighters' Indian River County Fair happening through March 22 in Vero Beach (FL)  - Posted on 3/16/2015

Suwannee County Fair celebrates 100th anniversary (FL)  - Posted on 3/16/2015

NC State Fair cancels walking horse show after protest - Posted on 3/16/2015

KS State fair master plan talk returns - Posted on 3/16/2015

Floyd Livestock and County Fair to relocate to Chantilly Farm this year (VA)  - Posted on 3/16/2015

Get a thrill at the Collier County Fair (FL)  - Posted on 3/13/2015

79th Annual Sarasota County Fair kicks off today (FL)  - Posted on 3/13/2015

68th Annual Duval County Fair ends (CA)  - Posted on 3/13/2015

Photo gallery: Miami-Dade County Fair opens - Posted on 3/13/2015

Couple married outside their lemonade stand at county fair (FL)  - Posted on 3/13/2015

Northern Wisconsin State Fair Board of Directors survey a $7 million construction project - Posted on 3/13/2015

Pennsylvania amusement park drums up 'Impulse' rollercoaster excitement ahead of April opening (VIDEO) - Posted on 3/13/2015

Suwannee County Fair celebrates 100th anniversary (FL)  - Posted on 3/13/2015

Miami's Top 5 Spinning Rides - Posted on 3/12/2015

In The 239: Collier County Fair features food and fun (FL) - Posted on 3/12/2015

Horry County fair returns to Myrtle Beach Area (Strates Shows) - Posted on 3/12/2015

Kids push for smoke-free state fair (KS) - Posted on 3/12/2015

Daredevil Nik Wallenda added to Wisconsin State Fair lineup - Posted on 3/12/2015

Bryan Adams, NKOTB to play Delaware State Fair - Posted on 3/12/2015

Carowinds named Top 5 Greatest Amusement Parks for Adrenaline Junkies - Posted on 3/12/2015

Amusement ride bill has NC State Fair accident in mind - Posted on 3/12/2015

Rodeo kicks off YMBL South Texas State Fair - Posted on 3/11/2015

The N.C. State Fair will not book headlining Dorton Arena concerts in 2015 - Posted on 3/11/2015

Bryan Adams, NKOTB to play Delaware State Fair - Posted on 3/11/2015

Fair takes offensive in site battle (FL)  - Posted on 3/11/2015

County Fair comes to a crowded close Sunday (FL)  - Posted on 3/11/2015

Preparing for ‘the fair’ (WV)  - Posted on 3/11/2015

The 38th Annual Collier County Fair, Bigger than Ever (FL)  - Posted on 3/11/2015

Horry County Fair comes back in April (SC)  - Posted on 3/11/2015

Number of Tulsa fairgrounds employees have been slashed; revenue turned around - Posted on 3/11/2015

Preps For The Miami-Dade Fair & Expo Underway (FL)  - Posted on 3/10/2015

Fair Board receives grant to promote livestock show (NV)  - Posted on 3/10/2015

Lee County Fair comes to a crowded close (FL)  - Posted on 3/10/2015

J&M Fireworks behind county's many displays - Posted on 3/10/2015

How much was the state fair board worth to Kentucky in 2014? - Posted on 3/10/2015

State Fair of West Virginia board appoints new CEO - Posted on 3/10/2015

$50 million at the New York State Fair: No plan, but lots of ideas - Posted on 3/10/2015

Get sneak peek at this new Iowa State Fair feature - Posted on 3/10/2015

Daredevil Nik Wallenda added to Wisconsin State Fair lineup - Posted on 3/10/2015

La Paz County Fair set for March 12-15 (AZ)  - Posted on 3/10/2015

Sumter County Fair opens (FL)  - Posted on 3/9/2015

Deadline nears for electrical upgrades for Neshoba County Fair cabins (MS)  - Posted on 3/9/2015

Medina County fair board still pays for 2001 explosion, but secures a loan for new office building (OH)  - Posted on 3/9/2015


Steele County Fair Board approves smoking policy for the fair (MN)  - Posted on 3/9/2015

Circus elephant decision could influence Kern County Fair (CA)  - Posted on 3/9/2015

Ky. State Fair officials to announce economic impact study findings - Posted on 3/9/2015

RV Owners Hopeful of Campgrounds at NY State Fair - Posted on 3/9/2015

State Fair vendors worry about 'lost business' if concerts move to new amphitheater - Posted on 3/9/2015

Dakota-Thurston County Fair hires new manager and fundraiser (NE)  - Posted on 3/9/2015

Amazing Animal Performers Of The Past - Posted on 3/5/2015

These little piggies a favorite at St. Lucie County Fair (FL)  - Posted on 3/5/2015

Cuomo applauds Onondaga County’s plan for $50M State Fair upgrades - Posted on 3/5/2015

July marks the return of the Nevada State Fair - Posted on 3/5/2015

SD State Fair brainstorming ways to keep up positive attendance - Posted on 3/5/2015

New CEO seeks to revitalize the Fair (CA)  - Posted on 3/5/2015

McLean County Ag Festival returning for second year (KY)  - Posted on 3/5/2015

County fair trimmed to three days (KY)  - Posted on 3/5/2015

Arabian horse show to leave ABQ for Oklahoma City - Posted on 3/5/2015

Fair adds 1,000 track seats for Lady Antebellum concert (OH)  - Posted on 3/5/2015

Strawberry Festival performer upsets Veteran's group (FL)  - Posted on 3/4/2015

The 7 treats you need to eat at the fair (FL)  - Posted on 3/4/2015

Fair Board meets; selects Reid as beef superintendent (OH)  - Posted on 3/4/2015

Mahoney wants New York State Fair to become NY-themed park with horse arena, ice arena, camping - Posted on 3/4/2015

SD State Fair Brainstorming Ways To Keep Up Positive Attendance - Posted on 3/4/2015

Construction at Oklahoma's State Fair Park will not affect parking for state tournaments - Posted on 3/4/2015

Nex-Tech Wireless gets naming right at KS State Fair - Posted on 3/4/2015

Fair foundation seeks to keep economic boon (CA)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

Light pole crashes into children on Strawberry Festival ride (FL)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

DuPage County Fair may open without grandstand (IL)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

Florida Strawberry Festival's Pioneer Village like a glimpse into history - Posted on 3/3/2015

County refuses to waive building fees for fair board fundraiser (KS)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

Four years after Indiana State Fair stage collapse, one victim is learning to live without memory - Posted on 3/3/2015

SD farm families to be honored at State Fair - Posted on 3/3/2015

Flider bids farewell to county fair officials (IL)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

Crawford County Fair concert announcement coming this week (PA)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

Fair pavilion roof repairs needed for bat proofing (ND)  - Posted on 3/3/2015

Stanislaus County Fair CEO Announces Retirement (CA)  - Posted on 3/2/2015

Engineering Group Invites Students to Design New Amusement Parks - Posted on 3/2/2015

Casting Crowns, Justin Moore to headline Wisconsin State Fair - Posted on 3/2/2015

Iowa State Fair Board to cut races at Grandstand Racetrack for 2015 fair - Posted on 3/2/2015

Southern flavor to 160th Bureau County Fair (IL)  - Posted on 3/2/2015

Boyd County Fair will be bigger and better, official says (KY)  - Posted on 3/2/2015

Cedar Point details changes for 2015 - Posted on 3/2/2015

The St. Lucie County Fair kicks off in Martin County this weekend (FL)  - Posted on 3/2/2015

The man behind the SWFL and Lee County fair rides (FL)  - Posted on 3/2/2015

Sheboygan County Fair Association receives grant (WI)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

Fair changes food vendor fee structure to raise money (WI)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

The Florida State Fair Thrills Visitors with New Attractions  - Posted on 2/27/2015

Strawberry Festival tries to assure ride safety (FL)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

91st Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair opens (FL)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

The St. Lucie County Fair kicks off in Martin County this weekend (FL)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

Big crowds help make Pasco fair a success (FL)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

Fair seeks new CEO (CA)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

Smoking at the OC Fair? Only in certain places, board decides (CA)  - Posted on 2/27/2015

Piglets, sows to return to New York State Fair - Posted on 2/26/2015

CO State Fair, Little Britches to part - Posted on 2/26/2015

All’s fair for the Ventura County Fair (CA)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair opens (FL)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

Monarchs rescind $18M Fairpark stadium agreement (UT)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

Fire company says fair change dictated by carnival availability (WV)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

North Georgia State Fair elects officers (GA)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

Tehama District Fair considers moving back to summer (CA)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

Owners of Enchanted Island Amusement Park, Formerly Kiddieland, Say Park Is Closing - Posted on 2/26/2015

Placer County Fair could be Leaving Roseville (CA)  - Posted on 2/26/2015

Fair unveils new sponsorship program (CA)  - Posted on 2/25/2015

Fair camping rates to rise (SD)  - Posted on 2/25/2015

Roger Beattie: Fairgrounds soccer stadium could boost investment in SLC - Posted on 2/25/2015

Injuries, problems with rides found at fair - Posted on 2/25/2015

Bill to let museum stay on North Dakota State Fairgrounds rejected - Posted on 2/25/2015

City hears report on 2015 S.D. State Fair - Posted on 2/25/2015

Attendance Down But Fair Still Successful, Organizers Say (CA)  - Posted on 2/25/2015

4-H Fair, county win grant to fix livestock barn (MI)  - Posted on 2/25/2015

NY State Fair hoping to send attendance soaring  - Posted on 2/25/2015

Mineral County Fair moved up; exhibitors unhappy (WV)  - Posted on 2/24/2015


Fourth man pleads guilty to stealing $104,000 from Minnesota State Fair beer exhibit - Posted on 2/24/2015

Fair board willing to chip in for improvements at Expo Center (IN)  - Posted on 2/24/2015

Plan to replace fair manager shortsighted (WY)  - Posted on 2/24/2015

County fair opens Thursday at Civic Center (FL)  - Posted on 2/24/2015

Fair board seeks $285,789 from county (OR)  - Posted on 2/24/2015

2015 Northumberland County Fair plans (PA)  - Posted on 2/24/2015

Radiach honored by County Fair Association (MN)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

Medina County Fair board votes to build new fair office (OH)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

Disney executive: North Texas theme park would not make sense - Posted on 2/23/2015

Missing amusement park clown found in sex offender's house - Posted on 2/23/2015

Medina County Fair board votes to build new fair office (OH)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

Solano County Fair Association unveils new community partnership (CA)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

Baby saved by deputies at Riverside County Fair (CA)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

Yakima's State Fair Park hikes parking rates (WA)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

Real cowboys set to compete at the Pasco County Fair Championship Rodeo (FL)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

New Upgrades Coming to the SC State Fairgrounds (SC)  - Posted on 2/23/2015

$50M for NY State Fair: Cuomo's plan includes corralling horse shows with new facilities (NY)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

County, city discuss fairgrounds wastewater issue (WA)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

Fair Board plans changes for 2015 (NV)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

Lee fair opens Thursday (FL)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

VIDEO: Smale Riverfront Park’s Carousel Taking Shape in Mansfield (OH)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

No action taken in fair meeting (SD)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

Real cowboys set to compete at the Pasco County Fair Championship Rodeo (FL)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

Pasco’s top talent shines as fair gets underway (FL)  - Posted on 2/20/2015

Manitowoc County Fair puts Expo in black (WI)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

Medina County Fair board votes to build new fair office (OH)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

Clownin’ around at the rodeo. And lots of stuff to eat at the county fair as well (FL)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

Allentown Fair names first female president (PA)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

Yakima's State Fair Park hikes parking rates (WA)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

MCC Fair organizers prepare for annual event (KY)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

Mechanic's lawsuit claims he lost City Park job for questioning maintenance of children's rides - Posted on 2/19/2015

Dutchess County Fairgrounds scholarships to be awarded to high school seniors (NY)  - Posted on 2/19/2015

Group charged with distributing DuPage fair funds may be next on consolidation chopping block (IL)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Used batteries mean free admission to Riverside County Fair today (CA)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Kern County Fair Board delays elephant-ride decision (CA)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Memorabilia wanted to mark fair's 175h anniversary (CAN)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Fair & Expo Center finances looking good, manager says (OR)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Doug Tuman named 2014 Ag Person of the Year (MN)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Doug Tuman named 2014 Ag Person of the Year (MN)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Ride at your own risk: State regulators not tracking permits, inspections at carnivals - Posted on 2/18/2015

New Upgrades Coming to the State Fairgrounds (SC)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Angelina County Fair is coming up (TX)  - Posted on 2/18/2015

Get ready for 'Homespun Fun' at county fair (CA)  - Posted on 2/17/2015

Legislative showdown erupts over Fairpark, soccer stadium deal (UT)  - Posted on 2/17/2015

Yakima to help fund Central Washington State Fair - Posted on 2/17/2015

Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival Parade marches through Indio (CA)  - Posted on 2/17/2015

County Fair to do without Simplot Stadium again (ID)  - Posted on 2/17/2015

Playland aims for Memorial Day opening in new location - Posted on 2/17/2015

Pasco County Fair kicks off Monday in Dade City (FL)  - Posted on 2/17/2015

ND State Fair/Historical Society Bill Argued at Legislature - Posted on 2/16/2015

Patrons flood gates at Riverside County fair (CA)  - Posted on 2/16/2015

IL County Fair Revenue Calculated - Posted on 2/16/2015

Pasco County Fair has a strong lineup (FL)  - Posted on 2/16/2015

Behind the scenes at the Martin County Fair (FL)  - Posted on 2/16/2015

Steele County Fair Board discusses tobacco-free fairgrounds again (MN)  - Posted on 2/16/2015

Young competitors show livestock as state fair winds down (FL)  - Posted on 2/16/2015

6 Incredible New Amusement Park Rides for 2015 - Posted on 2/16/2015

DreamVision announces plans for $3 billion Shoals theme park - Posted on 2/16/2015

SC State Fair plowing ahead with facility upgrades - Posted on 2/16/2015

CA STATE BUDGET: Fairs such as the Date Festival may snare funding - Posted on 2/13/2015

Could Tropical Park Be the Next Location for Miami-Dade's Youth Fair? (FL)  - Posted on 2/13/2015

Humane Society seeks Indiana pig wrestling ban (KY)  - Posted on 2/13/2015

Commissioners Stick with Plan to Suspend Fair (ID)  - Posted on 2/13/2015

Inquiries coming in before fairgrounds event center completed (NC)  - Posted on 2/13/2015

Kacey Musgraves, 4 others announced for 2015 AK State Fair concert line-up - Posted on 2/13/2015

Def Leppard, Styx, Tesla coming to 2015 Mo State Fair - Posted on 2/13/2015

Fairgrounds Real Salt Lake soccer stadium deal on shaky ground in Capitol (UT)  - Posted on 2/13/2015

Fair wins Merit Award at state convention (TN)  - Posted on 2/13/2015

Sea lions returning to New York State Fair: Your Stories - Posted on 2/12/2015

WBCA Carnival arrives Feb. 12 - Posted on 2/12/2015

New Iowa State Fair Grandstand act just announced - Posted on 2/12/2015

Behind the scenes at the Martin County Fair - Posted on 2/12/2015

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