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FDL County Fair requests more time to pay back loan (WI)  - Posted on 12/5/2014

International food big draw at Ascension Catholic festival (FL)  - Posted on 12/5/2014

Beech Bend prevails in suit - Posted on 12/5/2014

Judge Rejects Opposition to Selling 122-Year-Old Amusement Park  - Posted on 12/5/2014

State's largest junior livestock show will change date and location, maintain focus on 4-H and FFA youth - Posted on 12/5/2014

Proposal calls for new building on Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds - Posted on 12/4/2014

Two men indicted after 'raccoon drag' at Boyle County Fair (KY)  - Posted on 12/4/2014

Pearson appointed Interim Fair Manager (NE)  - Posted on 12/4/2014

Construction begins on events center at Fairgrounds (NC)  - Posted on 12/4/2014

Parents to sue over son's I-4 death after fair melee - Posted on 12/4/2014

Cal Expo board renews efforts to lease site - Posted on 12/4/2014

Conneaut Lake Park scheduled for sheriff's sale after court denies state petition - Posted on 12/4/2014

Jeff Jardine: Nonprofits lose Stanislaus County Fair alcohol sales (CA)  - Posted on 12/4/2014

The Maryland State Fair has its first new general manager in 53 years - Posted on 12/3/2014

Grandstand expansion weighed at Brown County Fairgrounds (SD)  - Posted on 12/3/2014

County Fair Board names its new CEO (CA)  - Posted on 12/3/2014

Boone County Fair Grandstand Rejuvenation Project under way (IL)  - Posted on 12/3/2014

Carmel-based insurer snags coliseum naming rights (IN)  - Posted on 12/3/2014

Holiday World lays track for 1st steel coaster - Posted on 12/3/2014

Knott's Celebrates Christmas with its 'Merry Farm' Makeover - Posted on 12/3/2014

Fair foundation to sell alcohol at 2015 event; three nonprofits lose booths (CA)  - Posted on 12/3/2014

Ohio State Fair getting its new giant animatronic Smokey Bear  - Posted on 12/2/2014

Haselhuhn is new Fair Board President (IA)  - Posted on 12/2/2014

Longtime county extension agent leaves after 27 years in Richmond County (VA)  - Posted on 12/2/2014

Cashman Named General Manager of the Maryland State Fair - Posted on 12/2/2014

Indiana Farmers Coliseum is new name for fairgrounds arena - Posted on 12/2/2014

Whitehall’s July Fourth carnival lands concessionaire (OH)  - Posted on 12/2/2014

An Animatronic Joker Will Shoot You in the Face on Six Flags' New "Justice League" Ride - Posted on 12/2/2014

NY State Fair Cyber Monday Ticket Promotion Sells Out in About 2.5 Hours - Posted on 12/2/2014

Great Frederick Fair veterans prepare for new positions with Maryland State Fair - Posted on 12/1/2014

Boone County Fair Association to begin fundraising campaign (IL)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

Fair board looks to farm-to-fork movement for next year’s theme (CA)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

New way to move youth fair (FL)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

Orange County Fair board members cleared in probe of land sale effort (CA)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

Kiwanis Donates $180K To Area Nonprofits (GA)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

Cyber Monday slams NYS Fair website; check this link to get $3 tickets - Posted on 12/1/2014

Wyoming State Fair Director awarded - Posted on 12/1/2014

Farmland next to Alaska State Fair gets permanent protection - Posted on 12/1/2014

Fairgrounds on tenuous footing (AZ)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

Frogtown Round Up: ‘Jumpin’ Frogs, Chubby Frogs and Corn Dogs!’ (CA)  - Posted on 12/1/2014

Riverview Park revitalization underway - Posted on 11/25/2014

Orlando I-Drive developer unveils insane plan for 420-foot swing ride (w/video) - Posted on 11/25/2014

Farmland next to Alaska State Fair gets permanent protection - Posted on 11/25/2014

FAIR BOARD: What happened to all the Ky. State Fair attendees? - Posted on 11/25/2014

Committee to examine Kentucky State Fair - Posted on 11/25/2014

Committee to evaluate all aspects of KY State Fair - Posted on 11/24/2014

Amusement parks face video challenge - Posted on 11/24/2014

Nebraska State Fair working on plan for outdoor concert - Posted on 11/24/2014

Take a Tour Through Afghanistan’s First-Ever Amusement Park - Posted on 11/24/2014

Euclid Beach carousel rides again - Posted on 11/24/2014

Santa Rosa Fair Association develops resources for community - Posted on 11/24/2014

Death of Columbia County Fair Board 'go-to guy' leaves void (WI)  - Posted on 11/20/2014

Giant theme park expo highlights new fun for 2015 - Posted on 11/20/2014

Gravity Group Unveils Swichback Wooden Coaster - Posted on 11/20/2014

Excelling at State Fair of Texas - Posted on 11/20/2014

Livestock Families want answer from fair (CA)  - Posted on 11/20/2014

Theme park trends for 2015 - Posted on 11/20/2014

Time for the Steele County Fair Board to trim the track (MN)  - Posted on 11/19/2014

Alameda County Fair Board elects new president (CA)  - Posted on 11/19/2014

Albin selected as ‘Fair Person of the Year’ (MT)  - Posted on 11/19/2014

2014 CO State Fair eclipsed past 10 fairs - Posted on 11/19/2014

Wayne County Community College Eyes Old Fairgrounds Site For New Campus (MI)  - Posted on 11/19/2014

Wayne County Community College Eyes Old Fairgrounds Site For New Campus (MI)  - Posted on 11/19/2014

ZDT’s Amusement park to open new roller coaster - Posted on 11/19/2014

Walt Disney considering opening first Disney World in Middle East - Posted on 11/19/2014

Brown County Fair weighs use of entertainment vouchers (SD)  - Posted on 11/19/2014

Six Flags settles with family over Texas Giant fatal fall - Posted on 11/19/2014

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