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Another Southeast Alaska State Fair Wraps Up (AK) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Sultry Summer Heat for the Start of State Fair (WI) - Posted on 8/3/2016

New Jersey State Fair Set to Open This Friday (NJ) - Posted on 8/3/2016

New Mexico State Fair Offers "Uber Lounge" for Ridesharing Eventgoers (NM) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Illinois State Fair Launches Mobile App (IL) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Everything You Need to Know About the Indiana State Fair 2016 (IN) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Middlebury Amusement Park Looking to Fill Open Jobs (CT) - Posted on 8/3/2016

164th Lake County Fair to Open (IL) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Howdy Folks! Welcome to the Great State Fair of Texas! (TX) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Washington County Fair Continues Historic Tradition (PA) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Howard County Fair to Feature Public Safety Day with Police Officers, Firefighters (MD) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Residents React to Controversial Augusta County Fair Sponsor (VA) - Posted on 8/3/2016

2016 McHenry County Fair Kicks off With Events For the Whole Family (IL) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Bungee Cord Breaks On Amusement Ride Sending Young Girl Flying (MO) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Changing Times Alter County Fair Traditions (IL) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Cameron County Fair Set to Kick Off This Weekend (PA) - Posted on 8/3/2016

Another Sunny Day at the 174th Cattaraugus County Fair (NY) - Posted on 8/3/2016

State Fair Prep (WI) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Schulykill County Fair Celebrates 33rd Year ({PA) - Posted on 8/2/2016

120t Cuyahoga County Fair Returns to Berea (OH) - Posted on 8/2/2016

State Fair Officials Conduct Military and Veterans Day Meeting (NM) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Vendors Report Sales Dipped Slightly at State Fair (ND) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Advance Ticket Sales Available for NC State Fair (NC) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Santa Clara County Fair Opens Thursday, Includes Mind Works (CA) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Win a 4-Pack of Tickets to the Ohio State Fair (OH) - Posted on 8/2/2016

What You Can't Miss at the Larimer County Fair (CO) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Looking for Fun? Bopne County Fair Has You Covered (OH) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Officials Thrilled With '16 County Fair (CO) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Wayne County Fair Opens at Camden Park (WV) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Five Things to Know About the Williamson County Fair (TN) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Rides to Return to Cumberland County Fair (NC) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Washington County Fair Kicks Off This Week (MO) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Controversial Pipeline Project Funds Augusta County Fair (VA) - Posted on 8/2/2016

Minidoka County Fair Aug 1st-6th (ID) - Posted on 8/1/2016

County Fair Had Something For Everyone (WI) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Schuylkill County Fair Opens Today (PA)  - Posted on 8/1/2016

Hancock County Fair (IA) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Best Iowa State Fair Activities for Kids and Families (IA) - Posted on 8/1/2016

State Fair Ends With Fun and Games for Kids, Adults (DE) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Countdown to the Lake County Fair (WI) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Attendance at 2016 North Dakota State Fair Down 4 Percent (ND) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Tanana State Fair is an Annual Tradition (AK) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Ribbon Cutting Kicks off Auglaize County Fair (OH)  - Posted on 8/1/2016

Mercer County Fair Kicks off Friday (WV) - Posted on 8/1/2016

174th Chemung County Fair Starts This Week (NY) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Columbiana County Fair Opens Friday (OH) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Disney Obtains Patent to Start Tracking Theme Park Guests Through Their Feet (FL) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Rock Island Teen Suffers Injuries From Carnival Ride Malfunction (IA) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Porter County Fair Ends Annual Run (IL) - Posted on 8/1/2016

Augusta County Fair Opens This Week (VA) - Posted on 8/1/2016

County Fair and Rode Draws Record Crowds, TV Crews (OR) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Seven New Things at the Montana State Fair (MT) - Posted on 7/29/2016

5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the California Mid-State Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/29/2016

State Fair Ramps Up Security After Many Public Event Attacks (WI) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Troopers Work to Keep Ohio State Fair Safe (OH) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Elk County Fair Slated for Aug 9-13 (PA) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Cowlitz County Fair and Rode 2016 (WA) - Posted on 7/29/2016

62nd Annual Fayette County Fair Starts Today (PA) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Caroline-Dorchester County Fair Begins Aug 3rd (MD) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Montgomery County Fair 2016 (MD) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Bank to Host State Fair Trip (IA) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Amusement Pier Destroyed by Fire Might not Return (PA) - Posted on 7/29/2016

Nebraska State Fair Themes Capture What the State Fair is All About (NE) - Posted on 7/28/2016

County Fair Season Rolls In (PA) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Unconventional Denver County Fair Arrives this Weekend for 3-Day Run (CO) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Southeast Alaska Fair Kicks Off Thursday in Haines (AK)  - Posted on 7/28/2016

State Fair of Texas Job Openings (TX) - Posted on 7/28/2016

New Competitions Announced at Kansas State Fair (KS) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Six Things to Expect if You Go to the Ohio State Fair (OH) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Boone County Fair is Organic Entertainment (OH) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Stepping Up Security at the New York State Fair (NY) - Posted on 7/28/2016

It's Time for Cows, Cream Puffs at Wisconsin State Fair (WI) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Rye Playland: A Westchester Family Amusement Park Since the 1900s (NY) - Posted on 7/28/2016

County Fair Offers Much for Residents (CO) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Boulder County Fair's Ferris Wheel Rises to New Heights (CO) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Crews Prepare For Washington County Fair (OR) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Eau Claire County Fair Starts Wednesday (WI) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Free Entertainment Abounds at the Harrison County Fair (IA) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Kids Rule at Clark County Fair (OH) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Morgan County Commissioners Ready for County Fair (CO) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Grand Texas Headed to New Caney (TX) - Posted on 7/28/2016

DuPage County Fair Mixes Old With New, Including Giant Spray Paint Mural (IL) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Delaware State Fair Honors Those Who Serve (DE) - Posted on 7/28/2016

Blaine County Fair Returns August 8th-13th (ID) - Posted on 7/27/2016

High Temperature Blamed for Attendance Dip at the Boone County Fair (MO) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Woman Falls 40 Feet From County Fair Ride in Virginia (VA) - Posted on 7/27/2016

The 2016 Montana State Fair Has Fun for All (MT) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Volunteers Needed For State Fair (KY) - Posted on 7/27/2016

NY State Fair Promises Larger Midway, More Rides (NY) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Hiring Begins for about 400 Oregon State Fair Jobs (OR) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Ontario County Fair: A Fairly Fantastic Tradition (NY)  - Posted on 7/27/2016

Ohio's 163rd State Fair Opens Today in Columbus (OH) - Posted on 7/27/2016

DuPage County Fair Begins 5-Day Run in Wheaton Today (IL) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Prep Work Wraps Up For 2016 Solano County Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Lake County Fair Prepares For Opening (IL) - Posted on 7/27/2016

80th Annual Potter County Fair Kicks off Sunday (PA)  - Posted on 7/27/2016

Former Lake City Amusement Park Employees Say They Still Haven't Been Paid, No Word From Owners (AL) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Ride Operator Fired by Amusement Park for Alleged Drug Use (PA) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Investigation of Amusement Ride Accident Underway (IA) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Carnival Rides, Motocross Kick Off Cabell County Fair (WV) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Shark Encounter at the DuBuque County Fair (IA) - Posted on 7/27/2016

Eastern Michigan State Fair Kicks off in Imlay City (MI) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Ferris Wheel Exit Ramp Collapses at MId-State Fair; No Major Injuries (CA) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Bicentennial Train to Return to Indiana State Fair (IN) - Posted on 7/26/2016

One Month Until the State Fair: What's New? (NY) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Get a Job at the Oregon State Fair (OR) - Posted on 7/26/2016

What's New at the Grant County Fair (OR) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Get Ready For New Treats, Friendly Animals at the Ohio State Fair (OH) - Posted on 7/26/2016

California State Fair Attendance Drops 14 Percent (CA) - Posted on 7/26/2016

State Fair Preps Hampered by Heat Wave (OH) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Madison County Fair Opens Tuesday (IL) - Posted on 7/26/2016

HEat Cannot Defeat Butler County Fair Fun (OH) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Bremer County Fair Hoping to Move to New Location (IL) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Three Things You Can't Miss at Monmouth County Fair (NJ) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Five Injured in Cass County Fair Carnival Accident (IA) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Iconic Ride Returns to East Dundee Amusement Park (IL) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Girl Breaks Arm on Ride at Lakeside Amusement Park (CO) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Lake City Amusement Park Faces Lawsuit from Decatur Company (AL) - Posted on 7/26/2016

Woman Injured After Carnival Ride Fails at County Fair in Virginia (VA) - Posted on 7/26/2016

New Attractions, New CEO at Sonoma County Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Delaware State Fair Going Full Throttle on First Day (DE) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Improved Security Screening Begins at California Mid-State Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/22/2016

51st North Dakota State Fair Begins Nine Day Run (ND) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Rain Doesn't Dampen Opening of Porter County Fair (IN) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Lake County Fair Returns July 27th-31st (IL) - Posted on 7/22/2016

People Take Shelter at Waukesha County Fair (WI) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Clinton County Fair Sees Big Crowds, Smooth Operation (NY) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Otero County Fair to Feature New Rides, Pavilion (NM) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Elkhart County Fair Kicks off This Weekend, Braves Heat Wave (CA) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Carnival Inspired Amusement Park on Ponce City Market's Roof is Open (GA) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Make Plans to Attend County Fair and Rodeo (CO) - Posted on 7/22/2016

Experience the Fun of the County Fair (OR) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Big Sky Country State Fair Carnival Begins (MT) - Posted on 7/21/2016

California Mid-State Fair Opens in Paso Robles (CA) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Delaware State Fair Mixes Slices of Tradition, Technology (DE) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Ohio State Fair Opens July 27th (oh - Posted on 7/21/2016

Ohio State Fair Opens July 27th (OH) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Wisconsin State Fair Celebrates 165 Years (WI) - Posted on 7/21/2016

The 2016 Missouri State Fair (MO) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Swinging into Fun: Madison County Fair Kicks Off Friday (KY) - Posted on 7/21/2016

164th Champaign County Fair Kicks Off (IL) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Saunders County Fair Prepares for Kickoff (NE) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Plenty of Indoor Events at the Dane County Fair (WI) - Posted on 7/21/2016

FunTime USA Approved to Rebuild on Gulfport Waterfront (MS) - Posted on 7/21/2016

County Fair Set to Impress (IL) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Budweiser Clydesdales Return to the State Fair of Texas (TX) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Trimpers Rides Confirmed as Country's Oldest Family-Owned Amusement Park (MD) - Posted on 7/21/2016

McDonald County Fair to Begin Today (MO) - Posted on 7/21/2016

Elephant Encounter to Return to the Cache County Fair this Year (UT) - Posted on 7/20/2016

New Attractions at the 2016 Minnesota Gair (MN) - Posted on 7/20/2016

Porter County Fair Set to Roll (MN) - Posted on 7/20/2016

Board Member Says Winnebago County Fair Packs Plenty of Family Fun (IA) - Posted on 7/20/2016

Isanti County Fair Brings Attractions Old and New (MN) - Posted on 7/20/2016

68th Annual Clinton County Fair Kicks off in Plattsburgh (NY)  - Posted on 7/20/2016

175th Saratoga County Fair Opens (NY) - Posted on 7/20/2016

3 Struck by Lightning at El Paso County Fair (TX) - Posted on 7/20/2016

Extreme Heat Affecting Boone County Fair Workers, Attendees (MO) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Linn County Fair Draws a Record 30,000-plus Visitors (OR) - Posted on 7/19/2016

N.D. State Fair Prize Money Among Proposed Budget Cuts as State Tightens Belt (ND) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Illinois Treasurer to Auction Off Unclaimed Items at State Fair (IL) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Du Quoin State Fair Launches New Website to Help Plan Visit (IL) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Director: Fair Numbers Up at North Wisconsin State Fair (WI) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Director of Fundraising for the Nebraska State Fair Wants All Nebraskans to HAve Pride in the event (NE) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Delaware State Fair Opens July 21st (DE) - Posted on 7/19/2016

New Events Highlight Fillmore County Fair (MN) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Crawford County Fair Returns for 159th Year (OH) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Small-Town Americana at the Orange County Fair (VA) - Posted on 7/19/2016

County Fair Closes With Increased Revenues, Average Attendance (CA) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Ottawa County Fair Kicks Off Week Full of Activities (OH) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Ride Under Investigation After 2 Children Fall Out at Lake Winnie (GA) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Proponents Pitch $80M Amusement Park (SD) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Kane County Fair Opens Wednesday (IL) - Posted on 7/19/2016

Expanded County Fair Begins Friday (CO) - Posted on 7/19/2016

On the Record Highlights the Neshoba County Fair (MS) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Exhibit Shares 9/11 Legacy at Porter County Fair (IN) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Gov. Cuomo Announces the Great New York State Fair is to Open Next Month (NY) - Posted on 7/18/2016

What's New at the California Mid-State Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Preparations Underway for Big Sky Country State Fair (MT) - Posted on 7/18/2016

West Virginia State Fair Launching App for Visitors (WV) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Ohio State Fair Facts (OH) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Pokemon Go Craze Brings More Attendees to California State Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Community Savors Last Day of Cass County Fair (IN) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Wood County Fair Project at $1M So Far (OH) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Take a Tour of the Orange County Fair (CA) - Posted on 7/18/2016

51st North Dakota State Fair in Minot Is Just Days Away (ND) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Boone County Fair Gets Ready for New Sturgeon Home (MO) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Children With Special Needs Get Free Day at Antioch Amusement Park (IL) - Posted on 7/18/2016

6 Ways to Save Money at the Lane County Fair (OR) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Waukesha County Fair Kicks Off Wednesday (WI) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Kane County Fair Blends Modern Conveniences, Old-Fashioned Fun Starting July 20th (IL)  - Posted on 7/18/2016

8 Year Old Child Drowns in Pool at Pennsylvania Amusement Park (PA) - Posted on 7/18/2016

Kewaunee County Fair Begins (WI) - Posted on 7/15/2016

Relocating County Fair to Sturgeon Park Makes for Tight Fit (MO) - Posted on 7/15/2016

Delaware State Fair Putting on FInal Touches (DE) - Posted on 7/15/2016

State Fair to Launch First Mobile App (WV) - Posted on 7/15/2016

Lawmakers Approve $10M to Build New Stadium at State Fair Park (UT) - Posted on 7/15/2016

Wisconsin State Fair Holds Day Camps for Kids (WI) - Posted on 7/15/2016

Franklin County Fair a Festive Tradition (IA) - Posted on 7/15/2016

State Fair-Goers Brave Heat (CA) - Posted on 7/15/2016

Two Weeks Until Scott County Fair's "Five Best Days of Summer" (MN) - Posted on 7/15/2016

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