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Oregon State Fair Wraps Up On Crowd-Filled Day (OR) - Posted on 9/7/2016

MN State Fair closes after a run of good weather, big attendance - Posted on 9/6/2016

Savoring Summer at the Wyoming County Fair (PA)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

Dickson County Fair opens today (TN)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

Prehistoric animals return to Earth at L.A. County Fair (CA)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

Motorcyclist killed in drag race at Evergreen State Fair (WA)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

New York State Fair breaks all-time attendance record - Posted on 9/6/2016

Du Quoin State Fair closes (IL)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

The Good Life: Nebraska State Fair's new attractions draw ever-larger crowds to Grand Island - Posted on 9/6/2016

Oregon State Fair wraps up on crowd-filled day - Posted on 9/6/2016

Delta Fair Reps Confirm Incident Resulted In Injuries - Posted on 9/6/2016

New amusement rides coming to fair (CA)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

Tennessee Valley Fair organizer says rides will be safe - Posted on 9/6/2016

Delta Fair taking heat for response to accident that left some injured (TN)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

Close of Maryland State Fair marks another year of tradition - Posted on 9/6/2016

2016 Dyer County Fair welcomes hundreds for grand opening (TN)  - Posted on 9/6/2016

At Hopkinton State Fair, ride safety is paramount (NH)  - Posted on 9/2/2016

California bans painting of Civil War battle from County Fair art show .. - Posted on 9/2/2016

County fair is fun for all ages and tastes (AZ)  - Posted on 9/2/2016

Agriculture is one of Iredell County Fair's biggest draws (NC)  - Posted on 9/2/2016


LA County Fair Opens In Pomona - Posted on 9/2/2016

Washington State Fair opens a week early - Posted on 9/2/2016

This year, the Alaska State Fair went totally smoke-free. Here's how it's working out - Posted on 9/2/2016

Die-hard campers live for — and at — the Minnesota State Fair - Posted on 9/2/2016

With new name, Wyoming County fair ushers in new offerings (PA)  - Posted on 9/1/2016

Bedford County Fair returns for second year - Posted on 9/1/2016

Ky State Fair attendance declines  - Posted on 9/1/2016

False Alarm Clears Walworth County Fairgrounds (WI)  - Posted on 9/1/2016

County fair vendors serve up tons of food (OH)  - Posted on 9/1/2016

Get ready for county fair (AZ)  - Posted on 9/1/2016

New Mexico State Fair midway opens early for a ‘sneak peak’ - Posted on 9/1/2016

NY State Fair 2016 vendors on fairgrounds changes: 'We can't make money - Posted on 9/1/2016

Washington State Fair lands giant new Ferris wheel — but don’t expect to see the boss on it Read more here: - Posted on 9/1/2016

Three County Fair prepares for Friday opening in Northampton (MA) - Posted on 9/1/2016

Visitors take in last day of Dutchess County Fair (NY)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Cambria County Fair to celebrate 125th anniversary (PA)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Washington County Fair features more than funnel cakes, Ferris wheel (AR)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Birds make a comeback at Washington County Fair (NY)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Company Cited For Roller Coaster Malfunction at Bartow County Fair (GA)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Santa Cruz County Fair adds new attractions to annual tradition (CA)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

High-class art finds a place at the low-brow Minnesota State Fair  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Fried Jell-O among top food winners for State Fair of Texas - Posted on 8/29/2016

Nebraska State Fair showcases everything great about the state - Posted on 8/29/2016

Nebraska State Fair showcases everything great about the state - Posted on 8/29/2016

Oregon State Fair generates buzz with first legal pot display in U.S.  - Posted on 8/29/2016

Banana Derby called ‘adorable’ - Posted on 8/29/2016

Washington County Fair features more than funnel cakes, Ferris wheel (AR)  - Posted on 8/29/2016

NYS Fair attendance 26,151 ahead of last year's pace - Posted on 8/29/2016

Champlain Valley Fair Rides Arrive in VT by Rail - Posted on 8/25/2016

Opening Day at the MN State Fair - Posted on 8/25/2016

Woman dies after 40-foot fall from zip line - Posted on 8/25/2016

State Fair Signature Bloody Mary Among Many New Additions - Posted on 8/25/2016

Du Quoin State Fair gets ready for attendees - Posted on 8/25/2016

NYS Fair: Where to cool off, sit down, rest - Posted on 8/25/2016

Deep-fried foods at Maryland State Fair, from bacon-wrapped Oreos to bugs - Posted on 8/24/2016

What's new at the New York State Fair - Posted on 8/24/2016

Midway offers something new at Oregon State Fair - Posted on 8/24/2016

Iowa State Fair 2016 Had Fewer Visits, More Umbrellas (IA) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Grasping the Last of Summer at the Oregon State Fair (OR) - Posted on 8/23/2016

2016 Lorain County Fair Opens to Brisk Crowds, Sunny Skies (OH) - Posted on 8/23/2016

New VIP Pass at NY State Fair Midway Lets You Skip Long Lines (NY) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Attendance Drops For This Year's Indiana State Fair (IN) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Vendors Say State Fair "Worst Attendance Ever" (IL) - Posted on 8/23/2016

18 Year Old Recovering From Stabbing at Iowa State Fair (IA) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Missouri State Fair Says Goodbye Until Next Year (MO) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Sandusky County Fair Begins Today (OH) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Dutchess County Fair Kicks Off Today With Thrills, Food, Fun (NY) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Otero County Fair Features Bigger and Better Rides (NM) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Limestone County Fair Open Tuesday to Saturday (AL) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Washington County Fair Opens For 7 Day Run (NY) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Vermont State Fair Planners See a Rebound (VT) - Posted on 8/23/2016

Clackamas County Fair is Beating the Heat (OR) - Posted on 8/22/2016

18 Year Old Stabbed on Final Day of Iowa State Fair (IA) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Weather Punished Indiana State Fair Attendance (IN) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Weather, Power Outages, Prices Make For a Rough 2016 Illinois State Fair (IL)  - Posted on 8/22/2016

Preview: What's New at the Minnesota State Fair (MN) - Posted on 8/22/2016

State Fair Gets $50M in Updates (NY) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Delaware County Fair Ends 130th Run (NY) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Jefferson County Fair (MD) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Thousands Flock to Passaic County Fair For Rides, Food, Fun, and Petting Zoo (NJ) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Limestone County Fair Returns on Tuesday (AL) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Erie County Fair Attendance Down 15% From 2015 (NY) - Posted on 8/22/2016

Best Food Finds at the Orleans County Fair (VT) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Security Wands to be Used at State Fair Concerts (NE) - Posted on 8/19/2016

As Kentucky State Fair Kicks Off, Here are Some Tips to Make Your Visit a Success (KY) - Posted on 8/19/2016

State Fair Organizers Dispel Safety Concerns (CO) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Stand Up to Cancer $5 Friday at the State Fair (IN) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Illinois State Fair Vendors Having a Hard Time After Flooding (IL) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Notes From the State Fair of West Virginia (WV) - Posted on 8/19/2016

The New York State Fair Gets a Fresh Look With Several New Features (NY) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Time to Meet at the Crawford County Fair (PA) - Posted on 8/19/2016

The Arlington County Fair is Going On Right Now (VA) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Taos County Fair Rides Into Town (NM) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Rain Dampens Cumberland County Fair Attendance (IL) - Posted on 8/19/2016

County Fair Has a Long History (ND) - Posted on 8/19/2016

Worlds Of Fun Announces Two New Rides for 2017 (KS) - Posted on 8/19/2016

2016 Lorain County Fair Opens Monday (OH) - Posted on 8/19/2016

5 Things Not to Miss at the Oregon State Fair (OR) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Fluvanna County Fair Set to Begin Thursday (VA) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Kentucky State Fair Kick Off: What You Need to Know (KY) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Exhibits, Activities Highlight 112th Kentucky State Fair (KY) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Weather, Power Outage Leave Some Illinois State Fair Vendors Struggling (IL) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Missouri State Fair Midway Carnival Glows With Evening Fun (MO) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Rockingham County Fair Runs All Week (VA) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Wilson County Fair Looks to Outdo Itself in 2016 (TN) - Posted on 8/18/2016

8 Things To Do at the Utah County Fair (UT) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Keeping Riders Safe at the Steuben County Fair (NY) - Posted on 8/18/2016

50th Washington County Fair Pulls Out the Stops This Weekend (RI) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Passaic County Fair Organizers Promise Fun For All Ages (NJ) - Posted on 8/18/2016

Whiteside County Fair Going Strong Despite Competition (IL) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Indiana State Fair Vendors Say They're Seeing Lower Attendance This Year (IN) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Wisconsin State Fair Attendance Tops 1 Million (WI) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Butter Cow Tradition Continues at Iowa State Fair (IA) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Faces of the Missouri State Fair (MO) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Brown County Fair Has Something For Everyone (WI) - Posted on 8/17/2016

6 Children Shocked on Amusement Park Ride in Connecticut (CT) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Clallam County Fair Begins Thursday in Port Angeles (WA) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Stokes County Fair Has Something for Everyone (NC) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Out and About at the 2016 Miami County Fair (OH) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Josephine County Fair Kicks Off Tomorrow (OR) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Oconto County Fair Starts Thursday (WI) - Posted on 8/17/2016

Herkimer County Fair "Goes For The Gold" (NY) - Posted on 8/17/2016

104th Wyoming State Fair Offers Family Fun in Douglas (WY) - Posted on 8/16/2016

State Fair Tightening Security at Gates, Elsewhere for 2016 (MN) - Posted on 8/16/2016

Fairgoers Try to Beat the Heat at the Montgomery County Fair (MD) - Posted on 8/16/2016

Funnel Cakes and Murder at the Iowa State Fair (IA) - Posted on 8/16/2016

 - Posted on 8/16/2016

Preparations Begin for the Colorado State Fair (CO) - Posted on 8/16/2016

Missouri State Fair Sets Sunday Carnival Records While Talking Precautions to Ensure Ride Safety (MO) - Posted on 8/16/2016

Last $2 Tuesday of 2016 Indiana State Fair (IN) - Posted on 8/16/2016

 - Posted on 8/16/2016

Night Two of the Clarke County Fair Features Old Crowd Favorite (VA) - Posted on 8/16/2016

Rockingham County Fair Kicks Off This Week (VA) - Posted on 8/16/2016

New Attraction Hits the Delaware County Fair (NY) - Posted on 8/16/2016

 - Posted on 8/16/2016

 - Posted on 8/16/2016

Madison County Fair Coming Up August 17th-20th (ID) - Posted on 8/16/2016

171st Lorain County Fair Returning to Wellington Aug 22nd-28th (OH) - Posted on 8/16/2016

Vehicles For Vets Giveaway at the Erie County Fair (NY) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Its Meijer Family Day at the Indiana State Fair (IN) - Posted on 8/15/2016

State Fair Wraps Up Its First Week of Festivities (MO) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Family Business at Iowa State Fair Continuing Decades Long Run (IA) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Officials Preview Kentucky State Fair (KY) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Several New Exhibits Planned For This Year's State Fair (NE) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Worker Injured at Cuyahoga County Fair (OH) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Rauner Reboots State Fair After Nearly a Year of Unpaid Bills From the Last One (IL) - Posted on 8/15/2016

OC Fair Wraps It Up for the 126th Time (CA) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Illinois State Fair Cleanup Almost Completed After Flooding (IL) - Posted on 8/15/2016

McKean County Fair Begins Today (PA) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Calhoun County Fair Kicks Off in Marshall (MI) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Amusement Park Safety Under Scrutiny After Year of Accidents (CNN) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Whiteside County Fair Starts Tomorrow (IL) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Steuben County Fair Begins Tuesday (NY) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Its Almost Time for the Washington County Fair (NY) - Posted on 8/15/2016

New Additions to the 63rd Lawrence County Fair (PA) - Posted on 8/15/2016

Cheatham County Fairgrounds Vandalized Days Before Fair Begins (TN) - Posted on 8/15/2016

What it Takes to Put on the Rockingham County Fair (VA) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Erie County Fair Celebrates Local Firefighters (NY) - Posted on 8/12/2016

New York State: A Cup of MIlk at the State Fair Will Remain 25 Cents (NY) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Gates to Open For 92nd West Virginia State Fair (WV) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Thursday Marks BMV Discount Day at Indiana State Fair (IN) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Continuing an Iowa State Fair Tradition Some Decades Later (IA) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Greene County Fair Ends Contract With Company After Ferris Wheel Accident (TN)  - Posted on 8/12/2016

State Fair Foundation Bill Stalled (IL) - Posted on 8/12/2016

County Fair Attendance, Revenues Up For Second Year (CA)  - Posted on 8/12/2016

Winnebago County Fair Begins Soon (WI)  - Posted on 8/12/2016

Boy, 3, Falls Off Pennsylvania Roller Coaster (PA) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Recent Accidents Turn Attention to Safety of Amusement Park Rides (MI) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Despite Rain and Mud, Most County Fair Activities Still on Schedule (MN) - Posted on 8/12/2016

Old Times at Benton County Fair Remembered (AK) - Posted on 8/12/2016

St Louis County Fair is Open (MN) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Ultimate Guide to the 2016 Iowa State Fair (IA) - Posted on 8/11/2016

"Absurd, Ridiculous:" State Fair Visitors Returned to Their Parked Cars Friday NIght to Find $60 Tickets (WI) - Posted on 8/11/2016

BMV Offers Discount Day at Indiana State Fair (IN) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Ferris Wheel Spill Operators Have Ties to the NC State Fair (NC) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Agency Inspecting Rides, Attractions at Illinois State Fair (IL) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Greene County Fair Board Announces Carnival Rides Will Remain Closed For the Rest of Fair (TN) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Knox County Fair Offers Family Friendly Fun (NE) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Lake Fair Stays Busy With Many Activities (WI) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Ostego County Fair Will Amaze Starting Saturday (MI) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Hamilton County Fair Kicks Off Wednesday (OH) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Recent Accidents Raise Questions About Amusement Ride Safety (TX) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Wausau County Fair Offers Simple Pleasures, Relief From Partisan Politics (WI) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Sonoma County Fair Overall Attendance Up (CA) - Posted on 8/11/2016

Utah County Fair Kicks Off Aug 17th in Spanish Fork (UT) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Erie County Fair About to Open Gates! Everything You Need to Know (NY) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Greene County Fair Ferris Wheel Flips, Injuring Three Kids (TN) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Why the Salem County Fair Remains One of the Best, True County Fairs in New Jersey (NJ) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Ohio State Fair Attendance Drops (OH) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Finally Lucky at the State Fair (ME) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Skowhegan State Fair Figures to Offer a Thrill (OR) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Kalamazoo County Fair is Underway, Runs Through Saturday (MI) - Posted on 8/10/2016

NY State Fair 2016: Lots of Your Favorite Food Stands are on the Move (NY) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Illinois State Fair Implements New Rules, Fees for the Parade (IL) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Amusement Park Death Highlights Need For Safety (KS) - Posted on 8/10/2016

County Fair Opens to Big Crowd (OH) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Amusement Park Headed to New Caney (TX) - Posted on 8/10/2016

Douglas County Fair Kicks Off Wednesday (OR) - Posted on 8/10/2016

160th Williamson County Fair Opens (IL)  - Posted on 8/10/2016

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