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  • Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival:  How sweet it is!
    Ever worry about having a date for Valentine's Day?  Those who attended this year's Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival (February 13th through 22nd) had all the dates they could possibly want, and then some.

    In fact, the Festival begins each year with a traditional Blessing of the Dates ceremony.  The website explains that "prayers for the date palms, the safety of the workers and equipment" are then offered. 

    Dates to Remember
    The famous Coachella Valley in Southern California's Riverside County is all-around yummy.  Fans of the cacao bean might find their mouths watering at the sight of the colorful Chocolate Mountains.  Fans of 1001 Arabian Nights might find their lips smacking at the sight of the valley's huge date crop.

    Wikipedia explains that the Arabian connection began about 1890 when the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) "imported date palm shoots from Iraq and Egypt" to the Coachella Valley.  Then in 1903, 1908 and 1912, the USDA planted additional shoots from Algeria.

    These early USDA efforts were the literal roots of today's thriving date industry.  The Coachella Valley is now "the primary date-growing region in the United States, responsible for nearly 95 percent of the nation's crop."

    Along with dates, the valley is famous for its vast array of fruits and vegetables.  Some of the more exotic crops include Coachella grapefruits, pomegranates, mangoes, kohlrabi, dandelions (salad greens), persimmons, sugar cane, avocados and figs.

    For those who prefer their dates to be of the human kind, there's plenty to do in Riverside County.  "With more than 350 days of sunshine per year and the warmest winters in the western US," the Coachella Valley is hopping year round.

    Midway Marvels
    Kimberly Douglas, Assistant Marketing Manager of the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival, explained, "We encourage a great date presence on the grounds, not just in our displays, but with our food vendors as well.  We ask them to incorporate at least one date item onto their menus, which results in such goodies as funnel cakes and cinnamon rolls with date toppings, stuffed dates, and the ever-popular date shakes."

    She continued, "This 'date presence' is enhanced by our nightly Arabian Nights community pageant.  The story line changes a bit, but it's always based on the 1001 Arabian Nights."  The fair website adds, "These stories filled with magical tales of genies, destinies, and fortunes will wow crowds each night." 

    The Arabian theme was further displayed by the crowning of Queen Scheherazade and her "court" (i.e., Princess Dunyazade and Princess Jasmine).  Douglas said, "We had our annual President's Day Parade, and Queen Scheherazade had her own float.  Not only that, Stanley Cup Champion and one-time LA Kings Captain Luc Robitaille was our Grand Marshal." 
    Douglas went on to say that the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival has been working with Butler Amusements for years.  She added, "They had a couple of new carnival rides this year; the Pirate Jet was one, and the Spinning Family Coaster was definitely a big hit.  They also had a couple of rides from Michael Jackson's Neverland."  

    "Although overall fair attendance was down slightly this year, we had great revenue on the carnival and concession end."

    What Worked Well
    This year's 69th Fair & Festival offered a unique fundraising opportunity to non-profits.  The website explains:  "Non-profit organizations receive $ .50 per each advance-sale admission ticket sold and $ 1.00 per advance-sale carnival admission ticket and season pass sold."  Non-profit organizations that did this in 2014 collectively gained more than $21,000.

    The Fair is run by the Economic Development Agency of Riverside County and  the local Fantasy Springs Resort Casino was its Presenting Sponsor.  As such, the Casino contributed $150,000 and received a wide range of high-profile advertising benefits.  Douglas mentioned that fairgoers just loved the $5 "Fantasy Fridays" that the Casino sponsored.

    Douglas added, "We have group sales with bus tours that come to the fair.  Many seniors come from the Los Angeles area, which is only a couple of hours drive from here.  We've also had groups come in from Arizona because we're not so far from that border."  Parking for these buses is free.

    Other successful endeavors included free admission for the first five hours on opening day, veterans plus three guests admitted free every day with proper identification, plus Canada Day.  Douglas stated, "We have a lot of folks come to the desert from Canada, and Canadian residents get in for free on that Tuesday."

    Douglas explained, "A breakdown of our advertising budget is as follows:  17% TV, 21% Newspaper, 20% Radio, 21% Billboard, and 21% Miscellaneous (banners/signs, graphic design, promo items, etc.)."

    Needless to say, even the best of promotional campaigns is only as good as what's behind it.  And that's plenty in this case.  Patrons of the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival are treated to way more than their money's worth.  Douglas said, "Our fair has some really great headliners such as Brett Eldredge, Ramon Ayala, and The Commodores.  We include all the concerts with the fair admission."

    There are also special exhibits such as the Miniature Operating Trains.  A press release states, "Celebrating their 25th year at the Fair, the Coachella Valley Model Railroaders have expanded their display...  Guests will be impressed with the precision, detail, and sheer amount of time put into this hobby."

    All of this seems hard to top, but the Fair committee is already hard at work for next year's 70th anniversary.  What's on tap?  Douglas isn't saying just yet.  But she promises that it will be great.

  • Despite Rain and Cold, Houston Livestock and Rodeo Sets Records
    Bad weather but good fair? 

    Maybe only in Houston Texas - where much of the population shares an unabashed enthusiasm for the traditional, agricultural-based celebration of everything Americana - can such a phenomena occur. 

    Or, maybe it's more that the 20-day Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - which ran February 26th to March 23rd has established itself as a premier Lone Star State event with an intensely loyal following and a reputation for entertainment presentation.

    In fact, Joel Cowley, who has been with the Houston event for 11 years but this year was his first in the captain's chair as President and CEO, said "it was probably the worst weather year I've had since I've joined the show."

    But ironically, 2015 goes down in the record books as one of most successful events, one of the premier annual showcases of the states livestock and agricultural industry, which generates an estimated $100 billion to the Texas economy. " The industry is vitally important to Texas, and we up in many categories," he said.

    2nd Place Attendance
     Total attendance reached 2,483,193, making it the 2nd best attended for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for a 20-day-run. Rodeo/concert paid attendance reached a record 1,377,477 fans, breaking the previous record set in 2014 with 1,377,416 in paid rodeo/concert attendance. In addition, when the weather cleared, outdoor business was brisk -March 14th had 181,882 attendees, another record day. 

    There were several days of rain and at lest "five days of cold and windy weather, below 50 degrees which is not very pleasant," he said. Cowley pointed out that aside from the midway, many of the attractions are indoors, including the wine garden and shopping pavilions. "We essentially were able to hold our own." He said. 

    Although operating a fair during the school year can challenging, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo offers several school tour programs (approximately 61,000 students participated in 2015), and its 20 days of operations means the event overlapped with two spring break periods in the Houston area. Total grounds attendance - including both midway and the Rode and Livestock show, which concluded with a concert featuring a nationally known act - reached 2,483,193, reportedly about 3,000 fewer than in 2014. However, a new record was set with 1,377,477 tickets sold to the rodeo and concert series in NRG Stadium.

    Hispanic Heritage
    The highest attended - and record setting all-time paid rodeo attendance recorded - was Sunday, March 15, featuring La Arrolladora Banda El Limon and La Maquinaria Nortena - 75,357 tickets sold. Seven of the 20 RODEOHOUSTON performances (including Go Tejano Day) are including in the list of the Show's top 20 paid rodeo/concert attendance records. "Our Go Tejano Day performance is annually very popular," said Cowley. "The name is a play on our Go Texan programs. With the updates from the 2015 Show, three of our top five all-time paid rodeo attendance records are for Go Tejano Day performances. We also featured a Mariachi band contest that has become very popular." 

    The Houston Livestock and Rodeo has a "Go Tejano Committee," with the main impetus of working towards both Hispanic inclusion and success of the Hispanic content. "The committee is active all year building awareness of or the fair, and promoting Hispanic heritage," said Cowley. "Most of our marketing is bilingual, and it is something we have worked very hard at and we are seeing 2nd and 3rd generations of Hispanic families coming to the fair.

    The La Arrolladora Banda El Limon and La Maquinaria Nortena night may have been a record breaker in terms of sold tickets, but it was one of seven shows in 2015 whose ticket sales ranked among the 20 highest selling shows in the history of the Houston event. Other 2015 record breakers included Brad Paisley - 75,167; Ariana Grande - 75,068; Blake Shelton - 75,016; Florida Georgia Line - 75,015; Pitbull - 75,013 and Luke Bryan - 75,0000. 

    Booking Challenges
    With this sort of track record, Cowley admits he is pleased with the entertainment at this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but admits, "routing becomes a challenge and there are other challenges with competition. It was more difficult to book acts this year."

    Cowley explained that are two full time talent buyers dedicate to creating the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo concert line up, and even before any acts are booked, extensive market surveys are conducted to ascertain what artists are in demand by regional residents. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has established itself as a premier, annual concert stage - a unique event with 20 concerts -  with a stage that has its own sound and lightening, which Cowley adds "can be an inherent challenge, because a lot of acts want to use their own stage," he said. 

     But most challenges have been created by the drastic upheavals in the music industry. "Touring is more expensive, and acts are more expensive, because it is not like in the old days, where artists toured to sell records, now they are touring to make money and prices have increased," he said. 

    The rule of thumb in terms of talent buying is to get the big names first. "They will anchor the line up, so if you can get them early and promote their shows, filling in the other slots becomes easier." 

    Houston Unplugged
    In addition, social media has become more critical in terms of last-minute marketing. "If ticket sales are slow, we can push ticket sales for the concerts closer to the date of the show, and that has been great. The results are more instantaneous." The social media presence of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has grown to 118,131 Twitter followers and 464,403 Facebook fans. 

    In fact, social media overall had a larger role to play in this year's marketing of the event, especially the rodeo. "Rodeo is a great sport, and fans love the action," he said. "Anything we can do to personalize the athletes and the product is important."

    Cowley launched a Houston Rodeo Unplugged YouTube series, featuring interviews with Rode Stars as well as a tongue-in-cheek interview with himself, where he conducts an amusing tour of the grounds and backstage areas, touching on the ironic, self-deprecating humor that is the current zeitgeist. "It was a lot fun and got great feedback," he said. 

    Midway Flat
    However, inclement weather most noticeably impacted the carnival, which had  ride, game and food gross revenue, according to event organizers, of upwards of $16 million, which though still considerable was described as flat by said Tony Fiori, Vice President of Marketing, Ray Cammack Shows (RCS). RCS has been providing the midway at the Houston Livestock Show and Rode since 1994, and this year showcased 77 rides and 43 games.  

    "We had some bad weather, but it is a great fair and organization," said Fiori. "It is such a long event, that while there are always rainy days, you have a better chance of making up for those losses." 

    Another unique-to-Houston and Texas was that this year's decline in gasoline prices and other fuel costs caused some apprehension. Many energy companies are headquartered in Texas, and are reliable sponsors and supporters of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Lower prices might delight consumers, but can cut into profitability of these companies. But the opposite turned out to be the case. "We set records or came close to records for all our auctions, and the local energy companies are always strong bidders and this year was no exception."

    And on the fairgoer side? "The lower gas prices give our customers more disposable income. There was a feeling that there is more money to spend. Given that the sun was not always shining, maybe having that extra money made them more likely to come to the Rodeo anyway." 

  • Fastest Growing Florida District Fair Overcomes Opening Storms
    The 91st Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair - which ran February 26th to March 8th - started off wet but by the end of the run, this fast-growing event showed significant gains. "It was a great fair," said Fran Crone, Fair Manager. "The weather was rainy and cloudy the first weekend, but once it cleared the weather was great - sunny and warm. After dodging a few raindrops the first weekend, we had a great Fair."

    A few rain drops is one way to describe what some considered a torrential downpour,  but the final judgement is that his fair was able to overcome a wet start because of new marketing efforts and a well-established presence in a growing community.

    "This year at the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair, we posted our best gross ever," said Rick Reithoffer of Reithoffer Shows, who provided the midway. This positive performance was accomplished against the challenge of opening weekend weather. "The first day was a rain out as far as we were concerned," added Reithoffer. "The rain kept away customers but we made up our losses. Even with the total rain out, we blew up and it was one for the record books."

    Growing Area
    Reithoffer feels that this District Fair - it now represents six Sunshine State counties: Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Hendry and Lee - has become one of the fastest growing mid-sized fairs of his season. Revenue was up about 10 percent over 2014, which also showed an increase of about 8 percent over the previous fair. Some of this growth can be attributed to a thriving demographic. "The county of Naples, just south of Fort Myers is a big, growing community and they love family entertainment."

    But a growing market is not enough without effectively reaching the totality of that market. Reithoffer also credits the new marketing programs the fair has implemented in the two years that Crone has been at the helm. "They do a fabulous job of getting the message to the people about the fair and getting the people out to the fair," he said. "They bring the people and we can do our job better, which is provide them rides. Every year our ride gross has been increasing. This year, they had some great promotions." 

    Marketing & Promotion
    Improved and expanded marketing and promotion were the keys to the success of the 2015 fair. The fair's advertising budget is relatively modest - about $80,000 - which Crone indicated was unchanged from 2014. The 2015 change was in the allocation of those resources.

     "We purchased more TV and radio spots this year," she said. With billboards, those three media make up the lion share of the budget, with print declining but still essential to the mix. "We added more television segments, three different television segments, and we did more radio, including country music and Spanish radio," she added. "We really hit the Latino market." 

    She added that digital billboards  were more heavily utilized this year. "Billboards are a huge advertising power, since you can change the slides out daily to advertise various promotions."

    In addition, it was the second year of the fair utilizing a public relations firm to supplement its marketing and advertising strategies, included creating three new public service announcements, and increased output of press releases and e-blasts. "We got the word out," she said.

    Community Fair
    As one of the largest District Fairs in Florida, the Southwest Florida & Collier County Fair must draw from - and represent - six counties. Through the improved marketing, expanded public relations and publicity and more effective community outreach, the growth of the fair has been sustained through deliberate grassroots efforts. "Our feeling is that the fair is about the kids and our communities, that the fair is an extension of the kids and our communities," she said.

    She pointed that school exhibitions - which are divided into Elementary, Middle and High School divisions, saw - increased to 73 schools, an increase from 71. There were 319 livestock exhibits, with 533 exhibits overall, another high for the fair. "The agriculture industry is very healthy in this region," said Crone. "We are more successful in bringing those outer communities, who are more rural, back into the fair." 

    According to Crone, the fair had an estimated attendance of 104,000, which was up by "approximately 3,000" compared to 2014. "We had several record days this year, and on our second Saturday we had over 22K though the gates...a definite record," she said. "This is truly a family event. Our entertainment is free and we market this as a community event, which is exactly what it is."

    Midway Records
    Aside from the expanded marketing and other programs that increase overall attendance, Reithoffer emphasized that midway-specific promotions increased ridership. Effective promotions included a Moonlight Madness on two nights, running from 9:00pm to 2:00am, a  $12 Tuesday, which had unlimited rides and a $2.00 Thursday - "only a moderate success, but I think we will try it again." 

    The Reithoffer midway featured about 50 rides, with new additions including an Air Race, a Sky Race - "which is like a baby brother, Kiddie Ride to the Air Race," a Magic Maze, Circus Train and Himalaya.

    Another plus for the midway was the decline in fuel prices. The fair was one of the first in the season for Reithoffer to see the effects of the decline - although he pointed out that the per-gallon price jumped to approximately $2.70, up from a low of $2.25 only a few weeks ago. 

    "But it is still a lot lower than the $3.25 to $3.50 that it was a year go," he said. "It is always a good thing for outdoor amusement business when fuel prices are lower."
    He added, "the real benefit is with the public, when it costs them less to get to the fair, they are going to spend more money for their entertainment."

    Food Limits
    The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair featured 30 Independent Food Vendors - although the fair doesn't directly track their sales, anecdotally "they were having a good fair and are signing up for next year." 

    Food vendors have to reapply every year for the limited space, by invitation. "If we don't want them back, we would not send them a form. We review their products and their presentation, and for fall new vendors we want to share they will fit in the fair."

    The fair limits the number of vendors within each category. "For instance, we only have two corn dog vendors," said Crone. "We want to keep things contained. We limit the numbers in the spirit that they can maximize their sales and have a good fair. Some vendors have played our fair for more than 25 years."

    One of the most successful vendors this year was Cracker Billies, a locally based provider of fried and food-on-stick food that epitomizes fair cuisine. "He was wonderful and a lot of seafood items that were very popular," said Crone.

    Economic Recovery
    Weather eventually turning cooperative accompanied by a more effective marketing program was key in ensuring that the  Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair was able to continue what has been an upward trend in recent years. But Crone also acknowledged that the economy is improving  in Florida, and 2015 was the year she was able to verify fair success as indication of this overall upswing. "Increase in attendance means an increase in revenue, thus a positive reflection on the economic recovery," she said. 

    "We think the economy has shown improvement," said Reithoffer. "It was one reason we were up significantly at the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair."

  • Virginia Association of Fairs Conference Declares: 'We Are #1'
    "We are #1" was the theme of the 98th Annual Virginia Association of Fairs (VAF) Conference, January 8-11, at the Omni Resort's The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia. More than 500 attended the event, representing 51 fairs.

    The reason for this confidence is that the fairs in Old Dominion are coming off a robust 2014. 

    "Overall a good year for most fairs, attendance was even up," said Sam Long, president of the association and President/Director - Field Day of the Past, Richmond. He added that the reasons included that "Fairs and Festivals are stepping up their game and providing newer things for attendees to see and do."

    The economy in Virginia is also starting to see some recovery, or as Long described it, as "less stressed."

    In addition, he said that while the cost of "family entertainment stabilized," it is still high. "Entertainment has skyrocketed and a lot of Virginia Fairs will cut back, and we don't know how that will affect the bottom line. Each fair is different. Fairs have got to have entertainment, it's what brings  people through the gates."
    Long himself moderated one of the convention's Round Table discussion - 'How You get Sponsors'. Other Round Table Discussions included: 'Thanking the Sponsors'; 'Scheduling Your Grounds'; 'Communicating with Local Government.' 'Agriculture-Current Status and Future Challenges' hosted 'Digital Brand Management: Social Media Strategies'  'How to Structure a Safety Program for your Event' and 'Working with Fair Volunteers'

    The convention had a more high-tech feel this year. CrowdTorch, one of the VAF's conference sponsors provided an online application designed for the attendees Smartphone', which included daily schedule; vendor list, and speaker list. 

    According to Long, the VAF's embrace of technology - perhaps delayed by standards of other fairs - will continue. "There are plans in the near future to explore better email communication and marketing with our members, and to perhaps establish a social  media existence," said Long. "All of this, in turn , will make the VAF more transparent, and better communicators to all of our membership."
     The 2015 VAF Board of Directors and officers, starting their term this year, in addition to Long, included Brian Mancini as Vice President, the  Dinwiddie County Fair, Dinwiddie, Essie Berry of Madison County Fair, was named Secretary , and Dr. Sexton Burket - Russell County Fair, was named Treasurer. Other directors included: E. D. (Danny) Byrum, Isle of Wight County Fair, Tom Eshelman,  Shenandoah County Fair, Patti Knight, Orange County Fair, Kenneth Reynolds, Washington County Fair, Brenda Rich,  Fauquier County Fair, Ellen Shaver Shank, Augusta County Fair, Allen Sherman, South Central Fair,  and Mack Wright, Jr., Caroline County Agricultural Fair.

     Winners of the VAF Communications Award were Franklin County Fair, Isle of Wight County Fair; and the Russell County Fair.

    In addition to a one day trade show featuring 50 exhibitors, the 2015 Talent Showcase featured Circus Stella, Michelle Nixon & Drive (Bluegrass), Mark Crawford Williams, (Country) and The Chase (Rock and Roll).

    The VAF also instituted the first Hazel Staley Award. According to the association, "Staley was well known from the [International Association of Fairs & Expositions]  to the local Fairs. You could always call Hazel with any question or problem, no matter who you were...  if she could help, she was happy to share her knowledge. It is that spirit which the VAF will be recognizing, as well as her contributions to the fair industry and the VAF, with the Hazel Staley Volunteer Award. Each year a fair volunteer will be granted an award to help defray the expense for that individual to attend the IAFE Convention in Las Vegas." 

    The 2015 Fair Person of the Year Award was presented to Tom Eshelman - General Manager, Shenandoah County Fair and the outgoing President of the VAF.  
    One topic that was on the minds of many attendees was the need to increase the volunteer workforce at Virginia Fairs. "At our conference, fairs are getting more worried about looking for volunteers for their fairs," said Joye Wood, Administrative Services Coordinator, VAF. "Without volunteers you can't run the fairs. How do you find volunteers? You have to know your community. All fairs strive to recruit quality volunteers." 

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The Industry Buzz
John Streeter Passes
It is with sadness to announce the passing of John Streeter.  John spent a number of years teaching speech at the University of Indiana and Wayne State University while also working as a scenic designer in several professional productions. In the summer, John worked in the outdoor amusement business. This eventually led to a career at Chance Industries where he traveled the world selling amusement rides. He eventually became president of Chance Rides.   He is honored on the Showmen's League of America's Wall of Honor and there are plans in the works for a memorial scholarship to be established in his name. 

He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Marion; his daughter, Linda; and grandson, Jeffry.

Services will be conducted at a later date in National Cemetery in Sarasota.
  Posted by Matt Cook / Obiturary on 4/15/2015
Concessionaire Bob Mason passes
Long time concessionaire and MCW visitor, Bob Mason ("Six Cat") has passed away.  Bob was a concessionaire based out of New England and spent time on several east coast shows including Reithoffer Shows.  For more information, click here.
  Posted by Matt Cook on 4/10/2015
Myers adds new 4-story Fun House; expands route
Joey Weaver of Myers International Midways announced the purchase of a new Italian built, four story fun house from Gosetto that is set to debut this July at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Alis, Wisconsin.  The fun house will be themed "New York New York" and will feature over 32 mechanical tricks including a rotating barrel and a spiral slide from the fourth floor.  The attraction stands 45ft tall with over 75ft of frontage length and will be transported on two trailers.

The show which sold most of its equipment in 2014 and scaled down to a unit booking primarily independently with other shows and fairs will be booking equipment for the second straight year at the Wisconsin and Minnesota State Fairs.  New for 2015, Myers will be booking equipment into the Texas State Fair in Dallas.  "We look forward to starting a positive working relationship with the State Fair of Texas" said Weaver.

Myers most recently booked equipment at the Florida State Fair with Wade Shows.  "Tampa was a big success in 2015, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with Wade Shows again" explained Weaver.  Weaver was also excited for the opportunity to book their Ice Jet (Alpine Bobs) with EK Fernandez Shows at the upcoming 50th State Fair in Hawaii for the month of June.  

  Posted by Matt Cook on 4/8/2015
Showmens League of America establishes Diane Burmeister memorial scholarship

In honor of long time Showmen's League office assistant, Diane Burmeister, President Paul Kasin has established a Memorial Scholarship fund in her name. If you would like to contribute please mail checks to the office made out to The Showmen's League of America with a note 'for the Diane Burmeister Scholarship'. 

Address: 1023 W Fulton Market, Chicago IL 60607.  Or to use a credit card call 312-733-9533.

  Posted by Matt Cook / SLA on 3/27/2015
In our efforts to chronicle the history of our industry, we could think of no better way to further this endeavor than to interview industry pioneers and preserve their videos for posterity.

Victor Products -Concession Supplies & Equipment Sales


Deggeller Attractions is now hiring ride, game, food, cdl drivers, and more.  Visit to apply.

Show Paint Wizard - now introducing custom vinyl wraps for your rides, concessions, and more!

Evans United Shows is now booking game concessions for the 2015 season!  Call Tom Evans   (816) 392-0759
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