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  • Alaska Market Share Shift: Canadian Company Signs Several Golden Wheel Fairs

    Golden Wheel Amusements, the largest - and to many, the only - midway provider in Alaska lost three key fairs in the 2014 season, but these former clients were picked up by A1 Midway, a fledgling Canadian company, marking the first move by a Canadian company onto American soil in many years.

    After 30 years with Golden Wheel, contract renewal negotiations collapsed and late this winter and the Tanana Valley State Fair awarded its 2014 midway contract to A1 Midway company. Public incriminations and a lawsuit accompanied the acrimonious split,  which has disrupted the once inflexible shares of the Alaska fair market.

    Adding insult to injury, within days the nearby Deltana Fair and Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair  declined to renew with Golden Wheel and instead also signed with A1 Midway.

    The 9-day Tanana Valley State Fair has commenced the first Friday in August since its 1924 founding, and is considered the oldest continuous state fair in Alaska. The Tanana Valley is a large and well populated - for Alaska - region, located in the central part of the state, whose major city is Fairbanks.

    The fair is held on the 100-acre Tanana Valley State Fair grounds, on the outskirts of the city of Fairbanks, and attracts more than 100,000 fairgoers per year, which makes it the second largest state fair in the Last Frontier State. With attendance of 300,000+, the Alaska State Fair (a Golden Wheel client), held in Palmer (in the same Metropolitan region as Anchorage, Alaska's largest city) later in August, is the state's largest "state" fair.

    Golden Wheel Amusements had been the first and until 2014, only midway provider at Tanana Valley.

    Loss of Monopoly
    Contract renewal discussions between fair organizations and midway providers growing hostile is usually not a noteworthy development, but the fallout between Golden Amusement and the Tanana Valley State Fair disrupts the far north fair market.

    Golden Wheel Amusement had what most fair industry observers agreed was a monopoly on Alaska fairs. "That monopoly is no longer true," said Joyce Whitehorn, General Manager of the Tanana Valley State Fair. She said that problems with Golden Wheel had been ongoing for the past few years, and even though they reached a boiling point in 2014, the fair had previously looked for other midway providers, but to no avail.

    Until now. This year she said several midway companies from outside of Alaska courted the fair.  "We had at least six different fair companies who showed interest in our contract," said Whitehorn. "They were all offering competitive deals and better percentages than Golden Wheel."

    Most of those companies were from states in what Alaskans call the lower-48, but in the end Tanana Valley decided on perhaps an even more dramatic break with regional fair traditions, awarding its midway to A1 Midway, from Manitoba, Canada, a relative newcomer to the North American fair industry.

    Mike Mills grew up in the carnival industry, his father, Bob Mills, owns and operates Canuck Amusements and his uncle, Jim Mills, has Select Shows. A1 Midway is offshoot of the Mills family of midway providers. Mills family midways play the fairs of Western Canada; they are friendly competitors who frequently collaborate, such as at the annual Canadian Lakehead Exhibition in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

    The smallest and youngest of the Mills midways, the progeny is now poised to accomplish what his elders have not yet attempted, providing a midway to a U.S. fair.
    Mills refused to comment on the past history of and the present relationship between the Tanana Valley Fair and Golden Wheel Amusements. Ride pricing is "still being worked out," he said. In addition, he said the main concern of fair organizers was that the midway be a distinct entity within the fair, separate from other operations. "They wanted a midway, not a dictator. I am only doing their midway. I do my job and they do theirs."

    Huge Opportunity
    According to Mills, the Tanana Valley State Fair may be the catalyst for growth this fledgling midway company needs. "It is by far the biggest spot we ever played, it is a huge opportunity."

    He admitted that much of the impetus behind his bold move to enter the Alaskan fair market was the appeal of the "almighty American dollar," and the favorable exchange rate with Canada (the Canadian dollar is worth about 80 cents American, Mills said), increasing the profitability of the event and making the considerable expense required to cross borders to do business in the U.S. more easily absorbed.

    In addition to the Tanana Valley event, A1 Midway will be spending most of August in Alaska. Mills was approached by the Deltana Fair in Delta Junction and the Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair in Kodiak to provide their midways. Both fairs, also former Golden Wheel clients, are smaller and more local than the Tanana Valley State Fair, but the combination of the three, "has made the expense worth my while," he said. "I can do three quarters of my yearly business in Alaska. It's a massive step for me"
    This massive step requires a costly investment. The expense - not to mention the paperwork - is considerable, said Mills, who estimates that in total he will be spending upwards of $50,000, which covers, among other items, insurance, Department of Transportation (DOT) courses, work visas, and legally incorporating A1 Midway in the U.S. Most of that initial investment will be eaten up by fuel costs. Mills said it was an eight hour drive to the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds.

    Mills is sensitive to the criticism that these Alaska fairs are being outsourced to a foreign interloper. "The one complaint I've heard is that we are going to be taking local dollars back to Canada," said Mills. "That is not true. I am only bringing essential staff. Eighty percent of the workers I hire will be local, and I will be paying them above the market rate for fair work. We are leaving a lot of money in Alaska, even our finance company is American."

    The A1 Midway at the Tanana Valley State Fair will be smaller than the Golden Wheel edition - about 15 rides compared to 25. New and/or refurbished rides in the A1 Midway arsenal for 2014 include a Chance Inverter, Chance Sling Shot, a Super Sizzler by Wisdom Industries and a Datron Super Slide.

    Embracing Change
    The loss of three long-term clients and the presence of a new competitor in a once, near-monopoly market, seems to have left Golden Wheel nonplussed. In the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Golden Wheel said they have  a robust Alaskan circuit for the 2014 season. Leavitt said "the company plans to serve more areas this year than last year. The company plans to travel to Southeast to Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan, for the first time since 1983."

    The Tanana Valley State Fair is also eager to embrace change. "People are tickled to death to have somebody new," said Whitehorn. "We needed a change. We've had a very positive response when the new contract was announced. Our 2014 fair will be better than ever."

  • Gold Star Amusements:  a family affair

    Gold Star Amusements has greatly expanded its operation over the past two years and plans to split into two units for several dates this season, according to Richard Hanson, a spokesman for the show.

    Mike and Connie Featherston own the carnival. The show calls Coon Rapids, Minn. home but it also has a major presence in Greater New Orleans, where the carnival has its winter quarters. Gold Star opens and closes the season in Louisiana before coming north to play county and state fairs in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa.

    Separately, the Featherston family runs Gold Star Manufacturing out of the old Sellner plant in Fairibaut, Minn. Gold Star Manufacturing produces replacement parts for the Tilt-a-Whirl and other spin rides Sellner made for decades before the company filed for bankruptcy. Larson International purchased Sellner's assets in 2011.

    This year marks Gold Star's 23rd season of operation. Connie Featherston's late father, Jack Thompson, ran Jack Thompson Shows for several years and he also owned an amusement park in Chicago. Mike originally met Connie when he was selling lemonade shakeups as a summer job and traveled to Texarkana as part of her father's show.

    All told, Gold Star now boasts 35 rides and attractions after purchasing a new carousel, slide, second office trailer, popper and funnel cake wagon. Those pieces of equipment help anchor the second unit.

    Among the new dates to support the second units are two county fairs in Austin and Albert Lea, Minn., and Winona (Minn.) Steamboat Days. Gold Star also picked up the International Rice Festival in Crowley, La., one the largest agricultural events in the south, Hanson said. The Louisiana route includes the Beauregard Parish Fair and the Cotton Festival, two dates Jack Thompson Shows played years ago.

    Gold Star is about six weeks into its season and recently finished a strong run at the Walker County Fair in Huntsville, Texas. A second unit was still playing dates in New Orleans until moving north in mid-May. Two units will operate in the upper Midwest through the end of July before they merge at the Olmstead County Fair in Rochester, Minn., home of the world famous Mayo Clinic.

    From there, the carnival moves west to South Dakota to play the state fair in Huron and a festival at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. The show dips into Iowa for the Clay County Fair in early September, one of the state's strongest agricultural events. This is the fourth year Gold Star has provided the midway in Spencer, Iowa, Hanson said.

    Clay County draws 300,000 attendees annually. The same is true for the Steele County Free Fair in Owatonna, Minn., Hanson said. It's hard to believe a town of 15,000 draws that many visitors, he said. "They have a huge committee with a lot of volunteers serving on the board. You don't find many fairs like it. It's one of the few left with free admission."

    Last season, after a very wet spring, the weather turned around and Gold Star set ride gross records at Steele County, Clay County and the South Dakota State Fair, Hanson said. In Owatonna alone, the show sold more than 5,000 Megapasses.

    The Featherstons' three grown children, Melissa, Jessica and Mike Jr. are all involved in the family businesses. Melissa has a college degree in music education.  She married Adriaan Erasmus, a South African who originally came from overseas and was working for another carnival before he met his future wife.

    Jessica studied sports medicine at South Dakota State University. She and her husband, Kenny Bessette, travel with the carnival.

    Mike Jr. works at the manufacturing facility in Minnesota, where he's keeping busy refurbishing rides such as E.K Fernandez Show's Pharaoh's Fury, Hanson said.

    Gold Star employs about 40 South Africans through the H2B Visa initiative and it works out well, Hanson said. The show uses temporary labor agency New Horizon to hire those international workers. The carnival also uses that many Americans every season, he said.

    Key personnel include Ryan Bessette, Leo Kerwan, John Kennedy, Billy Bell and Wanda Folks. Bessette moves the YoYo. Kennedy does the same thing for the Century Wheel and serves as show mechanic. Bell maintains multiple rides. Folks operates food concessions and handles DOT paperwork. Kerwan fills the role as show supervisor, Hanson said.

    Angelo Rosati Sr. and his son, Anthony, book games with Gold Star. The Featherstons own the food operation doing business as Lee's Concessions. The title reflects both Mike and Connie's middle names, Hanson said.

    Hanson, a former carnival concessionaire books dates and handles Gold Star's marketing and public relations, a job he has done for the past 12 years. Single ride tickets still cost $1 on Gold Star's show. Family packs of 50 coupons cost $45. This summer, the carnival will increase its armband special from $20 to $22 and $25 depending on the spot, Hanson said.

    In Huntsville, for example, armbands went up from $20 to $25 on the weekend and Gold Star kept the price at $20 for the week, which drove business for weekday sales, he said.

    "To compensate for the increase, we will go from four-hour to five-hour sessions," Hanson said. "We do very few all-day passes." The exceptions are Clay County and South Dakota, where an all-day pass costs $25. Several fairs use the Megapass model good for the entire event, he said.

    The Featherstons continue to count their blessings two years after Connie suffered multiple injuries in a bad car wreck in March 2010, driving from Minnesota to Texas to meet up with the show. She fell asleep at the wheel while going through Missouri and her vehicle flipped multiple times, Hanson said. She spent many months in rehabilitation and still has some soreness from the accident. Otherwise, she's fine, he said.

  • Central Floria Fair stands out in competitive marketplace

    What do you do when you're running a fair and you have so much competition staring you in the face that you could get dizzy from the sparkle and fireworks of the other events?

    You do the very best you can and always hope for the best.

    That's the philosophy of Will Price, marketing manager for two years and operations manager for seven years of the Central Florida Fair, in central Orlando, Florida.

    This time of year, from February 27 through March 9, the Florida Strawberry Festival is the biggest competition for this regional fair, which has been going on since 1910. But the annual strawberry festival - by far - isn't the Central Fair's only competition.

    There is also Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Fun Spot U.S.A. and Natural Wonders, said Price.

    "And we never wish for great weather for our fair," he said. "We wish for good weather. If it's great weather - they'll all go to the beach!"

    Fair organizers didn't have to worry about that this year. The combination of rides, entertainment, food and fun at the fair brought in an estimated 175,000 fair attendees. That number is slightly down from several years ago, before all of the competition moved in, said Price. And fair officials have tried to make some changes to correct the situation, but the progress has been slow, he said.

    The date of the fair was changed eight years ago from February to April. It was later changed back again to the end of February and the first of March, and attendance has been gradually building back up, he said.

    This year, the fair was kicked off with a ribbon cutting on Thursday, February 27 by the board of directors of the Central Florida Fair Association. Gate admission for the night was $1 with the donation of one can of food to Second Harvest Food Bank. Just short of four tons of food was collected, Price said.

    "We were told we'd collected about 1,200 meals," Price said. "Many parts of this community are still feeling the effects of the recession. We feel like we really helped with this effort."

    The major entertainment for the fair was Cold and Saliva.

    Cold is an American post-grunge band, formed in 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida. With two gold albums, Cold has sold around two million records in the United States alone. On November 17, 2006, it was announced on MySpace that, after a period of uncertainty since February, the group had decided to disband. In July 2008, it was announced that the original line-up would reunite for a tour in early 2009. This situation became permanent, and the band released their fifth studio album, Superfiction on July 19, 2011.

    Saliva is an American rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in September 1996 and currently under Rum Bum Records. Saliva released their self-titled debut album on August 26, 1997, under Rocking Chair Records.

    They were signed to Island records and went on to release their second studio album, Every Six Seconds. Saliva later released their third studio album titled Back into Your System on November 12, 2002. The album reached number 19 on the Billboard 200. Back into Your System launched one of Saliva's most successful songs, "Always," reaching No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Modern Rock Chart. Three years after Survival of the Sickest, Saliva released Blood Stained Love Story on Jan 23, 2007, repeating Back into Your System's chart performance at No. 19 on the Billboard 200. Saliva's first single, "Ladies and Gentlemen," peaked at No. 2 on the mainstream rock chart.

    The seventh annual Cattleman's Ranch Rodeo and the fifth annual Youth Ranch Rodeo were held at the fair this year along with the Lego Family Block Party competition and a chicken wing eating contest sponsored by Kerr's Wing house.

    Television reality star and Professional Mounted Shooting Competitor Denny Chapman, of History's 'Top Shot,' provided Wild West Entertainment and Mounted Shooting exhibitions March 5 and 6, and hosted an exciting Mounted Shooting competition on March 7, which was free with fair admission.

    Regular gate admission to the fair was $10 for adults and $6 for children. Children under five were admitted free. There was a 36 percent entry fee discount available from Walgreen's Pharmacy until February 28.

    In addition to all of the agricultural exhibits, there was plenty of additional entertainment. The Sea Lion Splash Show was a hit ewrurning from previous years as was the Hambone Express Racing Pigs Show. New to the Central Florida Fair were the No Joes Circus and the Eudora Farms Petting Zoo.

    The Central Florida Fair was designed to celebrate the agricultural industry in Orlando and the surrounding counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Brevard, and Volusia counties, known collectively as "Central Florida." It is the largest not-for-profit fair in Central Florida and among the top five largest fairs in the state. The Fair is centrally located just minutes from downtown Orlando on 87 acres with free parking and a Lynx Bus stop at the main entrance.

    Each year, the fair provides free tickets for up to 30,000 school students in Orange and Seminole counties. The fair also carries on its longstanding tradition of showcasing livestock, creative arts, fine arts, food arts and sciences, horticulture, FFA and 4H exhibits.

    On the midway, the Wade Shows brought about 75 rides for children and adults.. Wade Shows has been with the Central Florida Fair since 1997, said Price, and the show has been a "good partner" to the fair.

    The Central Florida Fair invests about $125,000 in its advertising budget, using TV, radio, outdoor and print advertising, according to Price. "The ring leader is print," he said.

    Throughout the rest of the year, the Central Florida Fair continues to support community and educational projects. Annual scholarships are presented to high school seniors and fair endowments support college students at the University of Florida, Valencia and Seminole Community Colleges.

    To date, the Central Florida Fair has awarded over $1 million in financial aid. Additionally, the Central Florida Fairgrounds is busy at work during non-fair time as the Exposition Park is host to over 2 million visitors. The 87 acres of fairground hosts countless events including trade shows, RV rallies, concerts, ethnic festivals, antique shows, dog shows and much more.

    No taxpayer support is received from city or county governments to support the fair and only $4,400 annually is designated from the State of Florida towards the premiums paid to fair exhibitors. Instead, the fair is sustained by fair ticket sales, off-season rental income, and partnerships with local businesses to provide the community with its annual celebration of the best of Central Florida.

    For him, Price said, being fair spokesman is always fun.

    "This is the best job in the world," he said. "It's always one big party."

  • At 10 Years, N.A.M.E. Succeeds with Basics

    Officially North American Midway Entertainment (N.A.M.E.) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, but the company represents decades of midway experience. The self-proclaimed "largest midway provider in the world," is the rare carnival that traverses both sides of the Canadian/United States border, with a circuit that begins in March and winds down in November, but for Danny Huston, Owner / Chief Operations Officer, regardless of the milestone of ten years, his outlook remains optimistic.

    "We expect 2014 to be another huge success for North American Midway Entertainment and our clients," said Huston.  

    While declining to discuss his revenue results, Huston insists that the company has continued the upward trajectory since its founding. "In 2013 our overall revenues were up and we expect 2014 to be another success," said Huston.

    10th Amalgamated Year
    North American Midway Entertainment was incorporated on October 13th, 2005, an amalgamation of what at the time were five leading midway providers in the Outdoor Amusement industry. The merging companies included Conklin Shows, which was founded in 1927 and at the time of amalgamation had become the largest midway provider in North America; Farrow Shows, incorporated in 1981; Astro Amusements, incorporated in 1973; and All Star Amusements, incorporated in 1974. According to Wikipedia, in 2006 N.A.M.E. also acquired Mid America Shows and several contracts and rides from Cumberland Valley Shows. Four years ago, on December 20th, 2010 Huston and Jeff Blomsness purchased N.A.M.E. from the Cypress Group.

    At the time of the original merger, Conklin was the major midway providers to the Canadian market, which enabled N.A.M.E. to establish a foothold in the lucrative north country market. "We have so many great and long-standing partners in both countries and we make every effort to provide the best services possible," said Huston.

    While the Canadian market is still profitable, rising energy costs remain a concern. "The main challenge for us is the fuel and trucking costs with all the miles we travel," he added.

    Canada & U.S.
    According to Huston, N.A.M.E. owns more than 200 rides, food and games concessions, providing entertainment "to approximately 15 million attendees at over 130 events annually, including 10 of the top 50 fairs in North America, in 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces."

    He added that this "number is a steady number," but "we have several new events this year and currently are in the process of signing contracts with new clients."
    The leading N.A.M.E. fairs in its 2014 season include: Eastern States Exposition - Springfield, Mass; Canadian National Exhibition - Toronto, Ontario; Calgary Stampede - Calgary, Alberta; Indiana State Fair - Indianapolis, Indiana; Illinois State Fair - Springfield, Illinois; Edmonton K-Days - Edmonton, Alberta; Mississippi State Fair - Jackson, Mississippi; Kentucky State Fair - Louisville, Kentucky; Miami Dade County Fair - Miami, Florida and South Carolina State Fair - Columbia, South Carolina.

    "We truly do not have a favorite event," said Huston. " All of our events are important to us and we strive to always do our best no matter what size the venue is."

    In other words, the company prides itself on its flexibility. "Our company is diverse and we have the ability to provide smaller events with 20 rides as well as the ability to play large events such as state fairs with as many as 100 rides," said Huston.

    Enhanced Games/New Rides
    Around the country, games are not as popular as they once were, but Huston insists that N.A.M.E. has mitigated the decline, maintaining top-of-the-line plush prizes and implementing an overall enhancement of the games division. "We begin with the simple concept that everyone likes to win and then we inundate our midways with quality stuffed animals and toys," said Huston. "Our Upgrade Program theme, together with the newly-designed canvas, clear and professional signage, and our energetic staff makes playing the games almost as much fun as winning. Our games are supervised by our management team to ensure that they meet our exacting standards."

    For the 10th anniversary of the company, N.A.M.E. has re-introduced Remix, one of its signature rides. In fact, the company also acquired a new Remix so now two of its touring units can feature this crowd favorite.  "Remix has been refurbished and we bought a new one," said Huston. "This high speed ride can best be described as an extreme version of the classic ride the Scrambler. The ride holds 36 passengers and sends riders spinning on six arms with each end holding three cars rotating on a vertical axis at approximately 21 RPMs.  Each arm supports a cluster of cars, which rise into a 90 degree angle at a horizontal position.  The center spins in one direction and the satellites spin in the opposite direction while the arms simultaneously spin outward.  The brilliant colors on Remix make this a high-speed exciting ride that very few thrill riders will ever pass up."

    Introducing new and/or refurbished rides is essential to the N.A.M.E. philosophy, "We always keep our Midways fresh with new rides each year, which attracts new guests and also retains happy guests who come back every year," he said.

    While the Remix may get some new attention, the mainstays of the N.A.M.E. midway remain, "Our Giant Ferris Wheels and Roller Coasters are always perennial favorites for our guests."

    In addition, he added that other new rides include a Himalaya, Fun House, and Zero Gravity as well as Elephant Ride and a Wacky Worm roller coaster, which are children's rides. "We are also refurbishing a Camel Fun House that will be ready soon," said Huston. 

    The most important improvement to the N.A.M.E. Kiddeland occurred in 2006, when it became smoke free. "We place smoke-free suggestion signage at all entrances to Kiddieland and placed other signs throughout Kiddieland," said Huston. "This is a volunteer / suggestion program that we do not enforce but have found the vast majority of our customers choose to not smoke while in the children's area.  We also have implemented family-friendly pricing that is affordable for families."

    One of the first shows of the year for N.A.M.E. was the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition, an 18-day Florida fair that concluded March 31st. According to fair organizers, per-capita spending was up more than 5 percent, including midway revenues and reportedly, Miami-Dade granted N.A.M.E. a contract extension through 2017.  For Huston, the fair was a positive harbinger for the season. " We just completed the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair and it was another success with increased attendance," he said. "We are expecting an overall great season.  And, we are hoping after the long cold winter, fairgoers will be raring to go to have tons of fun on our Midways."

    The secret is a simple one, making sure every experience at the Midway is a positive one. "We want each guest to leave our Midway with a smile and a happy memory of their day at the fair," Huston said. " We do that by providing the safest and most exciting rides, delicious food, fun games and workers who are attentive and kind to each guest."

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The Industry Buzz
Skerbeck Carnival adds Larson Fire Ball
Michigan bases Skerbeck Carnival announced the addition of a Larson Fireball for the 2014 season.  The show has been steadily adding equipment each year, including the Moser Twin Flip, which was purchased last year from West Coast Amusements.
  Posted by Matt Cook on 4/23/2014
Industry veteran Jeff Pugh passes
We are sad to announce the passing of industry veteran Jeff Pugh.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pugh family and their friends.  Visitation will be held Monday April 14, 2014 from 1-4pm and a celebration of life ceremony at 6pm.  Services will be held at Victory Hill Church - 4000 Coonpath Rd. Carroll, Ohio 43112.  All donations to be made to his church that he loved in his memory.

  Posted by Matt Cook on 4/11/2014
Wade Shows adds fourth roller coaster

Wade Shows announced the purchase of its fourth major roller coaster, a Zamperla Crazy Mouse spinning coaster from an indoor theme park in Wisconsin Dells, WI. The coaster is in top notch condition, relatively new, and has spent its entire life in the indoor theme park. Wade Shows owner Frank Zaitshik said "We are very happy to add a fourth coaster to our lineup. We will be taking the coaster back to our winter quarters in Florida to rack it . Being a park model, it didn't have many lights so we will be adding a lighting package."  The show plans to debut the new piece this June at the Livonia Spree in Michigan, contingent on if the piece is ready in time. Other dates the new coaster is slated to appear at include the Delaware State Fair, New York State Fair, Oklahoma State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, North Carolina State Fair, and the South Florida Fair.

The show also announced the purchase of a Wisdom Landslide from Deggeller Attractions.

To view photos of the ride, click here.

  Posted by Matt Cook on 4/3/2014
TJ Schmidt Carnival adds equipment; new concessions for 2014
Standish Michigan based TJ Schmidt & Company expanded its ride offerings for 2014.  The company added a Eli Eagle 16 Wheel, purchased from Arnold Amusements; a Cliff Hanger, Mulligan "Sky Quest" Swings, and a Zipper, purchased from Jeff Brady's Playworld Amusements.  In turn, the show sold its Quasar, Sea Dragon, and Tip Top.  The show also welcomed the addition of a new concessionaire, Case Concessions, headed by Harold, Debbie, and Christine Case, who will be playing their route with food concessions and several games.  Posted by Matt Cook on 3/26/2014
In our efforts to chronicle the history of our industry, we could think of no better way to further this endeavor than to interview industry pioneers and preserve their videos for posterity.

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