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  • IAAPA posts best attendance numbers in 17 years
    The fourth and final day of the 2014 IAAPA Trade Show concluded Friday with sparse crowds.  Some manufacturers were closing last minute deals, while others were busy counting down the hours until it was time to dismantle their booths. Despite the low attendance on Friday, the 2014 show posted the best attendance numbers in 17 years with over 30,500 attendees, 19,400 of which were considered buyers. 

    Rides 4U
    Len Soled's Rides 4-U was a prime example of an exhibitor who had a terrific show.  "We had a great show and sold a lot for all of our vendors", said Soled referring to the four companies his firm represents including SBF/Visa, KMG, S&S, and eWorks Pro.  "Carnivals were well represented and a lot of them brought their  families to the show.  We probably saw just as many carnival customers as parks", Soled described of the crowds.  Rides 4-U sold over a dozen of the Compact Spinning Roller Coasters to parks as ground models and three trailer mounted versions including one to Butler Amusements, Gene Dean's Fiesta Shows, and Paul Mauer Shows.

    As reported earlier, the company sold several Drop n Twist rides from SBF/Visa earlier in the show including sales to All Around Amusements, Beauce Carnival, and Tommy's Amusements.  An S&S Frog Hopper was sold to Campy's Amusements and a second model to Barry Jameson's World Finest Shows.  Majestic Midways purchased a Groovy Bus and Butler Amusements purchased the Pirate Mini Jet on display outdoors.

    Rides 4-U will be represented at the Showmen's League Exhibitors Lounge next month in Vegas and will be at the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton in February displaying a trailer mounted Compact Spinning Coaster, Drop N Twist, among others.  "Gibtown is a very important trade show for our industry and we will continue to support it" said Soled.

    Showmen's League of America
    Brother of incoming president, Paul Kasin, Peter Kasin was busy walking the show floor working on deals for his concession business and also coordinating plush donations for the club's annual Christmas Party for kids in which he co-chairs with Alpine Amusement's Donnie Massie III.  The annual Christmas Party will be held on December 5 with two shows beginning at 8am at Hanson Park Elementary School.  On December 4, the club will host a regular meeting at the club's headquarters followed by a dinner and preparations for the party.  

    "We are pretty secure on toys this year.  We have donations from many plush and novelty companies, with a large donation from Ideal Toy who has been working with us for the past 10 years" said Kasin.  "If other companies are not able to donate, Ideal usually helps make up the difference".  Kasin extends his appreciation to all of the companies who donate to the party as they could not do it without them.

    Eric Bate's Ohio based ARM reported that the company had a nice show this year.  "The parking lot was full every day, so it should have been a good year for everyone" Bates joked.  ARM is currently selling equipment with a 2016 delivery date and was sold out for 2015 coming into the show. On display outdoors at the trade show was the company's new Frenzy ride.  The ride on display played the entire Bates Brothers route for a season in order for Bates to observe the ride and see how it performed before selling it to any clients.  The one on display will be leased to Wade Shows for the South Florida and Florida State Fairs with an option for the show to purchase it.  "If we don't sell it, we have several interested parties or it will play the Bates Brothers route again next year.  The next delivery date for a new Frenzy is May of 2016" Bates said.

    The Rock Star and Vertigo rides have been extremely popular the last couple of years.  Currently, ARM is converting Funtastic Shows Inverter into a Rock Star and also upgrading Fantasy Amusement's Ali Baba to the Rockstar theme.  "Shows have seen a 15-20% increase on the overall gross of the ride when upgrading to the Rockstar theme" said Bates.

    Updating older rides has been a trend in the industry, and ARM has taken advantage of that by taking customer's older equipment in and updating it to today's standards.  Last year, ARM retrofitted a Quasar with a electric drive, new lighting, paint, graphics, and the whole works.  The ride has recently been sold to Wade Shows.  

    "The Quasar is how I got started in the manufacturing business" said Bates.  In the early 1980s, Eric wanted Chance to build him a Flying Bobs without a top for his show.  When Chance declined to make a topless bobs, Eric found the Quasar manufactured by ARM UK in England.  He imported the piece for his show and it caught the eye of Bingo Hauser of West Coast Amusements.  He soon sold the piece to Bingo and ordered another for himself.  In a span of a couple of years, Eric helped sell over 15 Quasars all manufactured in England.  With the cost to transport the ride to the US, ARM built a manufacturing facility in the USA to help save on shipping costs.  In the early 1990s, ARM UK Went out of business and Eric began building rides exclusively under the ARM name in the Ohio based facility.

    ARM will have a table top display at the SLA Exhibitors Lounge in Vegas next month and will have a tent set up in Gibtown.  ARM will be showcasing its Frenzy at the Florida State Fair and will not have any equipment at the trade show.

    Galaxy Amusement Sales
    Galaxy co-owner Scott Kunz was excited about a new LED product line that the company is representing called Camaleon.  Camaleon is a well known LED brand in Europe and has been used for years on the European market.  "We wanted to find a proven product and we didn't want to experiment with different Chinese manufacturers" said Kunz.  Galaxy will be selling a variety of LED products from the company including fully programmable systems, auto programmed 1-16 bulbs, and standard screw in style replacements.  

    A new product that the company will be selling is LED video boards that work off a F9 high resolution LED pixel.  The square boards come in small sections and can be put together similar to Lego building blocks to build a larger screen.  Galaxy is in the midst of development of a circular video board that will be on display at the Gibtown trade show.  "The circular boards will work well for the center decoration on Century Wheels and Giant Wheels" said Kunz.

    Owen Trailers
    Ross Owen and family had a good trade show, making several connections and left the show Friday with some pending orders for spring delivery.  The company has several fun houses in production at their California based plant including a Monkey Maze for Carnival Americana, another for Talley Amusements, and a Surf Shack for Blue Sky Amusements which will be on display at Gibtown.  The Surf Shack will have no spiral slide, but will have a small bridge on the bottom level similar to the company's Wacky Shack.

    A new custom piece the company is working on is a Cuckoo Haus for Drew Exposition called the Black Forest.  The Black Forest is a custom name and theme Jim Drew came up with and will feature a custom LED System from Denny's Electronics and custom artwork on the front.

    Eli Bridge
    Patty Sullivan's Eli Bridge reported a good year of selling Wheels and Scramblers.  Sullivan recently delivered two wheels to Scheels Sports Store, which brings the total number of wheels owned by the retail chain to eight.  "Scheels is a wonderful company to work with.  We have wheels in their Omaha, Fargo, Billings, Sioux Falls, Springfield (IL), and soon their new store in Overland Park, Kansas".  

    Sullivan has adapted a new technology to their existing Eli Wheels to ease the need for a skilled operator to properly balance the ride when loading and unloading.  The company has built and converted several wheels for parks that operate with a touch pad.  When the operator loads a car, he clicks 'next' on the touch pad and the wheel rotates to the next seat to properly balance the ride.  

    Sullivan is also excited about a new project the company is working on.  While she was not ready to release details on the project, she said the company was working on plans for a new portable adult ride.  "We are currently seeking a good engineer to help with the design of the piece".  She hinted that they may have more details come February when the company exhibits in Gibtown.

    CMD Enterprises
    Chad Griffith was excited to display his company's latest offering of LED lights at the trade show.  His company specializes in a high quality 1-16 auto programmed LED bulb and recently developed a new program for it.  "We came up with program B to give our existing customers a new program but to also apply some new high end special effects to compete with the custom systems currently on the market" said Griffith.  

    The program was written himself and features over 8 minutes of sequences complete with a new processor chip.  The bulbs require no controller and run off 24vdc and require only two wires to run, which makes installation simple.  They are available in a turbo version or a modular unit.

    Overall, IAAPA was a great turnout for CMD.  "It's nice to touch base with existing customers and see how their projects from the season turned out and have the opportunity to discuss future projects" said Griffith.  

    The company recently updated its web site and offers detailed product information and videos of the product so that customers can see exactly what it does before purchasing.  There are even photos of rides with his product in use as well as videos of the bulbs on the rides.

    Wisdom Rides
    Merino Colorado based Wisdom Rides closed the show with several deals in the works and was happy with how the show turned out.  "The show had great traffic the first couple of days, but slowed down later in the week" said Victor Wisdom.  While he didn't want to discuss any purchases at the show, Wisdom did mention several rides in production including a Gravitron themed Centrifuge for Wade Shows and Luehrs Ideal Rides, a Monster Truck for Wade Shows, and two Sizzlers, among several other rides.  "The Monster Truck has been extremely popular" said Victor of their new hit children's ride.  "It has performed very well for our customers".  As usual, Wisdom will have an outdoor exhibit at the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton this February.  The company plans on bringing Luehrs Idea Rides Centrifuge and possibly a Sizzler for display.

    2015 IAAPA
    The 2015 IAAPA Expo will take place November 16 -20, 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.  At the time of closing on Friday, over 195 exhibitors already signed up for booth space for the next show.

    2014 IAAPA Expo Media Coverage

  • IAAPA Expo:  Thursday Highlights
    Crowds increased even more on IAAPA's third day, when many exhibitors expect contracts to be written and deals to be finalized during the second to last day of the show.  "Most buyers do their window shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday and closing deals on Thursday and Friday" said Doug Herbert of Bobs Space Racers.

    Some deals, however, were made early in the show.  Chicago based All Around Amusements was busy making purchases and adding new equipment to bolster its lineup.  On opening day, the show purchased a new trailer mounted Drop n Twist ride from Rides 4-U which is scheduled for a May delivery.  Company president Robert Salerno explained that they will be making some improvements on the design for his ride including stainless steel fencing and repositioning the rides entrance and exit stairs.  To make room for the new purchase, the show sold its Zamperla Lolli Swing.  

    During the fall, the show also purchased a used Wacky Worm and is in the process of relocating its warehouse to accommodate a larger building and workshop to refurbish equipment during the off season.  

    Robert's daughter, Amanda and fiance Walter also purchased 5 new Dodge pickup trucks to aid with moving the show.  

    All Around will be getting an updated sign for its Chance Pharaoh's Fury, re-built by Showmen Supplies.  Showmen Supplies will be retrofitting the sign with LED lights and a digital signboard to scroll messages and or advertisements.

    On Wednesday, the show also added a third food trailer, a grab from Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing.

    KMG to deliver three Inversions in Gibtown 2016
    KMG was pleased to announce that three Inversion deals had been finalized, all of which will be delivered and showcased at the 2016 IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton.  Wisconsin based Mr.Eds' Magical Midways, Butler Amusements, and All AroundAmusements have all signed contracts for new Inversions.  

    Rides 4-U
    Aside from the Drop n Twist sold to All Around Amusements Tuesday, Len Soled's Rides 4-U has been busy showcasing new rides and selling used equipment to parks, FECs and traveling carnivals.  

    Rides 4-U had one of the larger booths at the tradeshow, proudly displaying the first version of the trailer mounted Compact Spinning Coaster which was sold to Butler Amusements.  The new coaster was introduced as a park model last year and has been extremely popular with parks and FECs.

    At the show, a park model of the coaster was sold to a park in Destin, Florida and another was delivered to Edaville Park in New England.  The coaster sold to Edaville was a custom lady bug themed version.

    The new trailer mounted, pneumatic Drop n Twist family drop tower that was on display at the trade show was purchased by Tommy's Amusements; the Frog Hopper on display outside was pre-purchased by Campy's Amusements and the SBF Pirate Mini Jet was pre-purchased by Butler Amusements.  

    Rides 4-U also has a new ride from SBF/Visa on display called the Skate 360 which has not yet been sold.  

    Aside from new purchases, Rides 4-U was also busy selling used equipment including a Orient Express to Tons of Fun Shows and a bumper cars to Adventure Park in Peru.  Many other deals were in the works for new and used equipment which we will report at the conclusion of the trade show.

    Rides 4-U is representing a new company for LEDs, EworksPro.  Eworks has been in the industry for several years and its products can be seen on several high profile rides such as the Ferris Wheel in Santa Monica California, the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel in Tennessee, the Capital Wheel at National Harbor, and the Seattle Great Wheel in Seattle, Washington.  

    All of Eworks products are made in the USA with corporate headquarters in Orlando.  

    Rides 4-U recently installed a new LED system on the drop tower at Wonderland Park in Amarillo, Texas.  The tower features an LED wall washing system with high profile LED lights projecting light onto the tower from the base up.  The top of the tower is capped off with a video wall which enables the park to scroll messages across the top or display graphics.  

    Rides 4-U LED expert Earl Heller explained that the video wall is compromised of multiple LED nodules on a mesh-like surface that is mounted at the top of the tower.  

    Customers can save money on video walls by spreading the modules further apart which is not noticeable from large distances such as on the drop tower.  For customers who want a higher resolution video wall, the modules can be put closer together, resulting in higher cost.

    Wonderland Park is excited about their new LED system and have tied the light show into a new marketing campaign for the park which lets guests scroll their name across the top of the tower.

    Toy Factory
    Sid Karmia of San Antonio-based plush supplier, The Toy Factory, reported excellent sales in 2014 and expects 2015 to be even better.  "Our licensed goods did very well including Pokemon and Minions" explained Karmia.  "The minions were tremendous" he echoed.  Karmia was pleased that another Despicable Me movie would be released in 2015 and yet another in 2017,  and he expects the minion stock to continue to be popular.  "Fortunate for us, Despicable Me II comes out right before the 4th of July this year".

    Dreamworks will also be releasing another animated film in 2015 called Home, which features a colorful but friendly alien like creature, which Toy Factory has the licensing rights to.  

    According to Karmia, they are already oversold but expect more in the coming months.

    "Kids want recognizable characters.  Some of our generics are still good, but the licensed stuff has really taken off" explained Karmia.  Some of the company's generic items like the raccoon and over-sized huskies and Rottweilers still do very well at parks and carnivals.

    For The Toy Factory, IAAPA isn't his biggest order writing show.  For parks, the STMA (Stuffed Toys Manufacturers Association) show in the fall is always a big hit as well as the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton.  "Gibtown is one of our best shows and is the show to be at.  We write a ton of orders every year at the show" said Karmia.

    Keep posted for our final recap on the 2014 IAAPA Expo to be posted on Monday.

    2014 IAAPA Expo Media Coverage

  • IAAPA Expo:  Wednesday Highlights
    IAAPA opened for its second day Wednesday at 10am to a vast amount of industry professionals seeking the newest and greatest the amusement industry has to offer.  Crowds Wednesday were considerably steadier than opening day.

    Zamperla Rides
    Zamperla had one of the largest indoor displays, displaying their spectacular Air Race ride, new Fiesta Balloon Ferris Wheel, and a children's swing ride.  Sales representative Ramon Rosario was excited about the company's new family attraction, a 33ft tall balloon gondola wheel.  "The gondola was a project in the works since 1993 and is based on the Tivoli wheel" explained Rosario.  "It is well suited for a medium carnival for use as the shows ferris wheel or a large show for use in a kiddieland."  The attraction all racks on one semi trailer and features a direct drive motor gear box as opposed to a rim driven application.  

    "Having a direct drive enables operation in wet conditions or cold temperatures where as rim driven rides sometimes have trouble operating in these conditions" said Rosario.
    The Balloon Gondola Wheel on display is a prototype, and the final version will have a large sign across the front as well as additional lighting on the balloons themselves.  Zamperla has several delivery spots available in 2015 for the balloon ride and will have one on display at the upcoming IISF Trade Show this February in Gibsonton.  The 33ft tall attraction sells for $215,000.

    For larger attractions, Zamperla is completely sold out for 2015 production and was busy selling for 2016 deliveries.  Ramon was pleased with the current state of the market and found that a lot of show owners had an exceptional 2014 season and are excited about 2015.

    A new program Zamperla was particularly excited about was the company's "All Access" program.  Being a manufacturer and also an amusement park operator, Zamperla saw a big need for the industry to go above and beyond the standard ADA compliance when it comes to handicapped individuals attending amusement parks and attractions.  Zamperla has hired a team of doctors in New York to help develop ways for not only people who cannot walk, but also people with hearing issues, eye sight issues, etc to have the same experience from getting out of their car to accessing rides, stores, and facilities within the park.  "We wanted to go above and beyond the standard ADA requirements" said Rosario.  

    Zamperla has partnered with Give Kids the World to bring their new all access program to their facility.  Zamperla donated a brand new Magic Bike ride to the company complete with two handicap accessible ride vehicles - one that allows for a wheel chair transfer and another that allows for a wheel chair to be locked on the ride.  Give Kids the World is a 70-acer, storybook resort where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are treated to week long, cost free fantasy vacations.  The facility is located in Kissimmee Florida, just outside Orlando.

    Chance Rides
    A familiar name to the amusement industry, Chance Rides, is actively pursuing the development of portable amusement rides once again.  With the debut of the Free Style two years ago, company president Mike Chance saw an opportunity for the company to begin developing portable attractions for the carnival industry.  This fall, the company hired long time Fabbri sales representative, Jeff Miller to head sales in the carnival market.  Miller, who represented Fabbri in the US for over 25 years, saw the opportunity for him to work for Chance and sell rides to the carnival industry looked better from a product development standpoint and commitment to the market.  "If I was going to make a move, it would be for good" said Miller of his change from representing Fabbri to Chance.

    Miller has already seen a good amount of interest from the carnival market at the IAAPA show.  While some deals were still in the works, Jeff was pleased to announce that the company would be building its first portable Zipper in over a decade.  Pat and Doug Skinner, of Crystal lake, Illinois based Skinner's Amusements purchased a new Zipper with a LED Lighting package from Denny's Electronics at the show.  Prior to that, the last piece Chance sold to a portable show was the Free Style for Ray Cammack Shows in 2013.  

    Chance Rides is open to building almost anything under their product catalog from Zippers and Pharaoh's Furys to classics like the Toboggan.  "With some reengineering and updating, some of the older retro pieces could become a unique booking piece for a show.  Not a lot of people see Toboggans anymore" said Miller.  

    For the first time in years, Chance will have a booth at the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton and also a table top display at the Showmen's League Exhibitors Lounge in Las Vegas next month.  While the show does not have any portable attractions produced and available for display in Gibtown for this upcoming trade show, displaying equipment in the future may be something the company would look at doing.

    Miller is no stranger to the amusement industry.  Prior to working with Fabbri since 1989, he spent four years building and selling amusement rides for his dads manufacturing company.  Together they developed several popular fun house attractions including the Persian Camel, Steeple Chase, and Magic Carpet.

    After Hours Receptions
    Several after hours receptions were held Wednesday night including the Outdoor Amusement Business Association's annual reception at the Convention Center and Rides 4-U's annual party held at Fun Spot Park on International Drive.  From 7-9pm, current and former customers of Rides 4-U was invited to the park for complimentary rides, food, drinks, and entertainment.

    IAAPA Trade Show - Brass Ring Awards
    At the end of the day, IAAPA announced the winners of the brass ring awards for best booth at the trade show.  The image award is awarded to the best exhibit based on booth design, branding, staffing and overall appeal at IAAPA Attractions Expo.

    The overall winner was Rhode Island Novelty.  In the 100-399 sq ft booth category was The Works Unlimited; 400-499 sq ft winner was Honolulu Hot Dog Company; 500-899 sq ft winner was Sally Corporation; 900-1,200 sq. ft was Cruden B.V.; and 1,200+ sq ft was Mack Rides.

    The IAAPA Brass Ring Awards ceremony was sponsored by The Holy Land Experience, Matt Davenport Productions, Ocean Park Hong Kong, and RWS & Associates.

    2014 IAAPA Expo Media Coverage

  • IAAPA Expo:  Tuesday Highlights
    The 2014 edition of the IAAPA Expo kicked off Tuesday at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.  The annual trade show spans over 540 square feet with 9 miles of aisle ways and features over 1000 exhibitors representing 50 nations in 125 different product categories.  While the show is mainly indoors, there is also outside exhibit space in the parking lot on the backside of the trade show building.  During the event, over 27,000+ people attend from over 100 nations with approximately 17,000 buyers from multiple industries including amusement parks, carnivals, water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, among others.  The show has a great economic impact to the area, bringing in  over $51.3 million dollars to the city of Orlando alone.

    During the kickoff event for the expo, IAAPA announced that Bob Cassata, founder of game builder Bob Space Racers was inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame.  Also inducted was "Dick" Knoebel of Knobels Grove Amusement Resort.  The IAAPA Hall of Fame honors individuals for their significant and lasting contributions to the worldwide industry.  

    "We are excited to welcome Bob Cassata and Dick Knoebel as the newest inductees to the IAAPA Hall of Fame," said Ron Gustafson, 2014 chairman of the IAAPA Hall of Fame and Archives Committee and director of marketing and public relations for Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut. "The products and guest experiences they have created have thrilled and delighted amusement fans for years. Their passion for our industry is profound and they both deserve this prestigious recognition for their contributions."

    Bob Cassata, Bobs Space Racers
    Bob Cassata revolutionized the carnival game business and adapted his games to the theme park industry worldwide.  Cassata's first game, a three pin bowling alley game, was built for the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and soon thereafter he built a "Pitch-Til-You-Win" and "Balloon Dart" game on a burned out house trailer that was assembled in his garage.  In 1970, he designed the world's first electronic group game, called the "Space Racer," which was named shortly after the first Apollo Lunar mission.  As the games popularity grew, so did demand for Bob's "Space Racer" game.  In 1972, Bob's Spacer Racers was established, aptly named after his first hit game, and built the first mechanized group game in which players could compete against each other for the first time in history.  From that point, Cassata never looked back, developing popular games such as the nationally recognized "Whac-A-Mole" and other group games.  BSR has a well known reputation throughout the amusement industry for developing reliable, fair, and fun games.  Today, the Daytona Beach-based business holds 22 patents and more than 50 trademarks and is currently doing business in 120 countries.

    Waterloo Tent and Tarp
    Waterloo Tent and Tarp was busy showing off their new pinwheel hex umbrellas, which are best described as free spinning umbrellas that resemble pinwheels.  The umbrellas rotate with the wind and feature an industrial bearing that was built by a company who builds winches for battleships.  According to company president Pete Downs, "the bearings in the umbrellas will last forever."  The idea to build pinwheel umbrellas began with Waterloo designer Cheri Koth when she approached Pete about a new idea she had to build an umbrella shaped like a pin wheel that would provide shade and have unique character.  Immediately, they decided that it should spin like a pinwheel and imagined how neat it would be to see a group of spinning pinwheel umbrellas on a park or carnival setting.  Currently, the umbrellas are designed as park models, but they are working on a way to rack them for the carnival industry.  The umbrellas can be built up to 16ft in diameter and are working on a retrofit to existing permabrellas.

    Waterloo also displayed a 19x19 aluminum frame "O Hang" joint.  The tent was designed with a 2ft overhang that is meant to give the midway a cleaner presentation then older, traditional overhangs.  The company can build the tent to any size or shape, but recommends an overhang no more than 2ft to prevent tucks moving down the midway during teardown and setup from clipping the overhang.

    The company, which normally slows down for the holiday season, is experiencing a high volume of work as it is busy building over 67 new tops for Wade Shows to debut at the 2015 Florida State Fair.  The new tops will be for all concessions, umbrellas and bally cloths and will feature a unique color scheme specific to the Florida State Fair of yellow, orange and "Wade Shows blue".  The tops will be purchased by Wade for use by  concessionaires at the Florida State Fair only.  "This is a unique situation as we need to know all of the concessionaires playing the fair well in advance so we can build their canvas specific to their application.  It's probably one of the most coordinated projects we have done" said Downs.  

    KMG had a booth inside on a main isleway and while the company had no physical rides on display, they had plenty of foot traffic in and out of their booth.  Sales representative Peter Theunisz was proud to announce two new rides that the company is developing including a 65m version of the Inversion, which will rack on 5 semi trailers.  The super sized Inversion will be built and delivered to a Dutch Showman in the spring of 2016.  The company is also in the midst of developing a 35m Swing Tower that will rack on one 53ft trailer.  Compared to the company's giant swing tower, the Stratosphere, the smaller swing tower will feature new design techniques for setup and operation.  The swing tower will have a capacity of 24 passengers and the first one, themed "Train your Dragon" is set to debut in Norway during March of 2015.  Given the ride's impressive height and one trailer transport, Theunisz suggests the ride may be a hit for US show owners.  

    Powers Great American Midways recently took delivery of a one trailer Inversion, themed Khaos, at the North Carolina State fair.  The ride was the 9th top grossing ride at the event, which Theunisz finds amazing considering the ride's 12 seat capacity in comparison with large roller coasters, flume rides, and other spectacular rides that were at the fair.

    Tim and Pam Casper's PBJ Happee Day Shows is set to take delivery of a new Inversion this winter.  The new piece themed "Flatline 360" will be on display at the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton this February.  The new ride replaces Casper's existing Inversion, "Nemesis 360" which the show recently sold to a show in Canada.  The new attraction has an updated LED lighting package and new software and will feature a similar color scheme to the Nemesis.

    Toward the end of the day, another Inversion sale was pending to a US based show.  As the deal is finalized, we will report more details.  Currently, KMG is selling with the closest delivery date of October 2016.

    Stay tuned to for continued coverage of the 2014 IAAPA Expo.

    2014 IAAPA Expo Media Coverage

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The Industry Buzz
Rides 4-U to host party during IAAPA show

Len Soled's Somerville, NJ based Rides-4U announced that they will be hosting an after-hours party during the IAAPA trade show next week on Wednesday, November 19 from 7-9pm at Fun Spot Orlando.  Soled welcomes all former and current customers to attend the event for food, drinks, and access to the park.

  Posted by Matt Cook on 11/14/2014
Chance Rides Has Hired a New Sales Manager for the Carnival Market
Wichita, Kan. - Chance Rides recently hired Jeff Miller as Sales Manager for new rides in the North America carnival market. Jeff comes to Chance Rides with over 25 years experience in the amusement ride  industry. 

"We are very pleased to have Jeff on board as we grow our new portable ride production including our new one-trailer Freestyle ride as  well as old favorites such as the Zipper, Pharaoh's Fury and Century Wheel." said Chance Rides' President, Michael Chance. 

You will have the opportunity to meet Jeff at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, November 18 - 21st, booth #5124. And at the Showmen's League of America Exhibitors Lounge on December 8 - 9th, in Las Vegas. Chance Rides' long-time carnival and used rides expert, Duane Wiechman will continue to serve Chance Rides in his current role. So please be sure to stop by to say hello to him at the IAAPA Expo as well.

  Posted by Lisa Hargrove  on 11/11/2014
UPDATED: Wade Shows adds new rides for 2015
Wade Shows announced the addition of four new rides for 2015.  The show purchased a new Monster Truck kiddie ride from Wisdom as well as a Gravitron themed "Centrifuge".  Additionally, the show has added a Quasar themed "Music Express" from ARM and a Zamperla Barnyard themed "Beach Shack".  All four pieces are set to debut at the South Florida Fair this January and will also be featured at the Florida State Fair in Tampa.  The show will also be leasing (with an option to buy) ARM's new Frenzy Ride for both events.   Company owner Frank Zaitshik said "There are several other purchases pending including several more children's rides, other spectacular rides, and support equipment such as trucks and generators".

UPDATED 11/10/14 - Company owner, Frank Zaitshik announced over the weekend that the show also purchased four new Umbrella Rides from Dalton Kid Rides.  The four kiddie rides will rack on two trailers for easy transport and to help consolidate loads.  The show traded in their trailer mounted Hampton Whales and Hampton Dune Buggies.

  Posted by Matt Cook on 11/10/2014
Rides 4-U to have largest IAAPA booth to date
Len Soled's Rides 4-U, representing KMG, SBF/Visa and S&S, will have their largest booth to date at this years IAAPA Expo in Orlando.  Soled was proud to announce that they will debut the first trailer mounted version of the popular Compact Spinning Coaster and also a trailer mounted version of their pneumatic drop tower, the Drop N Twist, both built by SBF/Visa.  "Both pieces have had tremendous success with Amusement parks" said Soled.  Rides 4-U will also have a new ride on display from SBF/Visa called the Skate 360, which can best be described as a miniature Kamikaze ride.  Outside, the company will have a Frog Hopper from S&S which has been purchased by Campy's Amusements.  The IAAPA Expo runs November 18-21, 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.  Posted by Matt Cook on 10/31/2014
In our efforts to chronicle the history of our industry, we could think of no better way to further this endeavor than to interview industry pioneers and preserve their videos for posterity.

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